Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois resigns as CLASSE spokesperson

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Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois resigns as CLASSE spokesperson

The news broke late Wednesday in Le Devoir

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Damn. Hopefully he runs for QS.

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'I leave with only one regret': Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois resigns as co-spokesperson for CLASSE

"I am leaving, but the movement will continue. What I am quitting is not the mobilization, nor the struggle, nor the CLASSE: I am quitting my role as spokesperson. I will remain at your side, in the streets, and in our assemblies."

Citing the need for "new blood" and "fresh faces" within the CLASSE, and bemoaning the relentless and vicious attacks he and CLASSE have been subjected to by the Charest government, who he said have attempted to paint the student movement, and him in particular, as "terrorists," he spoke of the need for the popular struggle to renew itself, as it enters a new phase.

In a letter of resignation addressed to "all those who mobilized this spring, and to members of the CLASSE" and released exclusively to Le Devoir, Nadeau-Dubois said he leaves with a sense of accomplishment, and the knowledge that "My colleagues are formidable people, ready to pick up the torch."

"I leave with only one regret. I regret leaving my role while Quebec is still led by Jean Charest, a Premier who is contemptuous and violent towards Quebec and its youth. Shale gas, corruption, Anticosti, Mount Orford, tuition hikes and the health tax: the list of deception, of lies, of scandals and of attacks against the population perpetrated by this government is so very long."



Rumours swirled following his departure that Nadeau-Dubois would follow his former colleague, ex-FECQ president Leo Bureau-Blouin, into the electoral arena. Many asserted that he would stand as a candidate for Quebec Solidaire, the party most closely aligned with the ideals of the student movement.

Those rumours are false, and several independent sources within CLASSE assure that Nadeau-Dubois will not be involved in politics, in any capacity, until the conclusion of the strike.



Lachine Scot

It's a shame, but I hope we will keep seeing him involved in politics in the future. He seems like a great guy, not to mention charismatic.

Hopefully his decision to step down helps CLASSE in the way he intends. He does seem to be a figure of particular hatred among many liberals and conservatives..