STOP JDL Canada: Montreal Chapter Formation Meeting Feb 16

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STOP JDL Canada: Montreal Chapter Formation Meeting Feb 16

JDL Canada: Montreal Chapter Formation Meeting

Monday, Feb 16, 2015 from 7:30 PM to 10 PM

"The JDL Canada is establishing a chapter in Montreal with the intitial focus of providing a quick response security team to ensure that people who promote Jew-hatred will face severe consequences from within the local community. Please join us at this historic meeting."


Posting this in hopes that progressives will do eveyrthing in their power to stop this violent Zionist hate-group from spreading to Montreal.


Thanks. I'm pretty sure some friends in Independent Jewish Voices are already aware about this.

Ha, it's at Ruby Foo's!


Keep us posted if you can Lagatta. They are a very scary group with friends in high places...


I've contacted IJV people I know. Here is more on that hate group:

And here are the relevant IJv/JVI articles:

I'll try to find our more about any protest actions outside Ruby Foo's (!!!) Perhaps also check out Agenda Militant (which aggregates protests, meetings... Tadamon etc. I'll be in touch with friends in the support committee for the boat to Gaza (we wrote communiqués, translated, researched, also this past summer during the assault on Gaza). I'm sure there will be twits about this if anyone can find those.


Thanks lagatta


CBC Montréal Daybreak interviews Meir Weinstein, head of JDL Canada:

Creep of course conflates "anti-Semitic" and "anti-Israel", and the latter with "terror groups".

It might be worthwhile to send the show an e-mail, text message or phone in to it. In particular, for Jewish groups opposed to their "garbage", as he says.


News video about the creeps meeting at Ruby Foo's:

Recall's JDL's history of violence in the US, Israel and France. We see a clip from Paris where JDL thugs are shouting "Sale arabe! Sale nègre!"


Here in Toronto, there was violence at a JDL-EDL solidarity event a few years ago. Also when JDL picketed Palestine House recently. And when it jointly protested Six Nations land rights at Caledonia with its redneck settler-movement allies, it also produced violence. Zionism always instigates violence wherever it goes.

But good for Mayor Coderre of Montreal. Perhaps someone should suggest Tory of Toronto send JDL the same message!


Denis Coderre to Jewish Defense League: You're Not Welcome in Montreal

Mayor Denis Coderre says the Jewish Defense League isn't wanted in the city. 'Message to JDL: You are not wanted in Mtl!! The Jewish community doesn't need the Jewish Defence League."



NDPP, who on earth are the EDP? The English Defence League?

Psst, please note defence. Defense is Merkin English.


NDPP wrote:

But good for Mayor Coderre of Montreal.

Never in my life did I think I would pronounce those words - but when I heard about his tweet earlier today, I thought what you said! Still, I'm glad you're the one who said it lol.



Yes, I could never say that (he is a populist windbag) but in this particular case, I'm not sad that someone did.


@lagatta yes I know but my US spellcheck thingy doesn't. Indeed EDL-JDL got married a few years ago here.

@U see what happens when you don't follow the local politics...Cool

It was perhaps a stupid mistake for the JDL to publicy announce their intention to urge Tory votes. Speaking of which, people need to now pressure Toronto to similarly repudiate the JDL zio-klan. Their antics at Palestine House calling people 'terrorists' given the butchers they stand for, is a bit much. And don't forget they take public credit for prevailing upon their friends in high places to have George Galloway MP banned from Canada several years ago.