The American war machine: within and without, for and against

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This one will do for that. 


ISIS Attacks in DR Congo. A New Phase of a Western Scheme For Resource Plunder

"The new president of the Democratic Republic of Congo is asking for US help to fend off an alleged ISIS threat..."


Ex-NATO Commander Pushing Cold War Xenophobia To Line His Pockets - Jimmy Dore (and vid)

"Why is retired US Admiral James Stavridis writing Cold War propaganda in TIME magazine in 2019? The answer is simple, says comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore: he makes bank doing it.

'He's ramping up the Cold War, because he works for The Carlyle Group, which makes a lot of money off the Cold War.' After retiring as Supreme Commander of NATO Forces in Europe, Stavridis just happened to land a very well-paying gig working for the multi-billion dollar private equity firm, which just so happens to get a nice chunk of cash from the $715 billion US defense budget..."


TRNN: Pentagon Report on China's Military Expansion Hypocrisy: Col Lawrence Wilkerson

Col Lawrence Wilkerson discusses the hypocrisy in a Pentagon document which warns against Chinese espionage and the development of overseas strike ability, as a 'budget ploy'. Wilkerson, who served as former chief of staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell, described in an interview with TRNN that hyping the Chinese threat taps into a well-trodden American pastime of fear-mongering in order to squeeze more precious taxpayer dollars towards inflated budgets. 

Wilkerson said an increasingly aggressive US posture towards Beijing could create a 'self-fulfilling prophecy' amidst a trade war which paints both sides into a corner blindly bumbling toward war.


Bipartisan Thirst For More War: 75% of Congress Calls on Trump to Boost Intervention in Syria

"While Trump threatens Iran and Venezuela with new wars, 400 Congress members - including top Democratic Party leaders - signed a letter calling on the far-right president to intensify the eight-year war on Syria, in order to weaken Iran, Russia and Hezbollah."

The devil is in the duopoly...


US Congressman Admits to War Crimes While Defending Navy Seal

"A US military judge has removed the lead prosecutor in the case of a Navy Seal accused of war crimes - due to possible conflict of interest."

The American warrior . 


US Gears Up For War With Iran

"Can a state that condemns, without real justification, an international disarmament treaty it spent years negotiating then threaten a co-signatory with military aggression? Can it order other countries to fall into line with its capricious, bellicose stance or face punitive sanctions? The US can..."


D-Day And The Myth of US Victory

"Each D-Day anniversary the same question comes up. Who defeated Germany and its allies? The answer is, without any doubt, the Soviet Union..."