United Food and Commercial Workers January 12
What happens when you are hurt on the job? UFCW 175 member Kim was injured while working at a grocery store. Read her story.
Inter Pares January 5
Inter Pares remains highly concerned by the ongoing Rohingya crisis in Burma and Bangladesh, and by the pressing need for Canada to take stronger action.
Mining Watch January 5
What green economy?A continuing emphasis on a “rip it and ship it” economy that pushes extraction ahead of value-added processing and manufacturing has left Canada lagging in sustainable extraction.
UFCW Local 401 January 5
In essence, we are laying down the red carpet for our Local Union to walk to the centre stage of the theatre of inclusion and equity in the labour movement here in Alberta, said Sam Nuako.
Food Secure Canada December 22
A broad alliance of more than 50 food industry, civil society and farming groups is calling on the federal government to create a National Food Policy Council to inform its Food Policy for Canada.
Socialist Worker December 22
Chants rang out, “No hate, no fear, Muslims are welcome here”, “All of us or none of us”, “Immigrants in, racists out”, “Black lives matter here.” This continued in front of the building.
National Union of Public and General Employees December 22
National Union of Public and General Employees
If the colleges had displayed “even the slightest” concern for students and staff during negotiations, arbitration would not have been necessary says OPSEU.
Mining Watch December 14
The Liberal government’s National Security Act 2017, Bill C-59 is threatens the privacy of Canadians and puts land and environment protectors in danger of continuing to be targeted as security threats
Toronto & York Region Labour Council December 14
Toronto &  York Region Labour Council
The politicians on York Regional Council voted to take away every public holiday (except Christmas Day) from retail workers in every city and town in the region. Take action to restore their holidays!
United Food and Commercial Workers December 14
Tell the federal government that Indigenous children deserve the same access to high quality social services as all other children in Canada. Take action now!
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions December 8
The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) is celebrating an announcement by the provincial government that nurses will be included in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) legislation.
Canadian Union of Public Employees December 8
The Liberal government formally apologized in the House of Commons to gay, lesbian and transgender Canadians for discrimination over the decades, often at the hands of federal agencies.
Unifor December 8
Torstar and Postmedia announced that they are swapping of ownership of certain news outlets, and the shut down of almost two dozen newspapers. The crisis in the newspaper industry must be addressed.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario December 8
ETFO is pursuing a multi-year strategy for addressing violence in schools. Read more to find out about the issue and the proposed solutions and to access important tools.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers December 1
This week, the National Post ran an op-ed attacking postal workers’ pensions. Read the CUPW response.
Hospital Employees' Union December 1
HEU continues to support the work of community organizations like Positive Living Society of British Columbia and the Stephen Lewis Foundation, who advocate for those living with HIV globally.
Upstream December 1
Diverting food waste to charitable food programs will not address food insecurity in Canada.
Inter Pares December 1
Make sure your retirement fund is investing responsibly and not in organizations that are involved in criminal activity. Read the report published by InterPares and other partners.
Ontario Health Coalition November 24
Ontario Health Coalition
The Ontario government is moving forward with legislation that lifts the ban on private hospitals, rolls private hospitals in with private clinics and renames them Community Health Facilities.
United Steelworkers November 24
The USW will be sending a delegation to Guerrero to investigate the attacks on the striking miners and their communities. The USW and Los Mineros have had a strategic alliance since 2005.
Canadian Health Coalition November 23
Canadians clearly don’t want U.S. style health care. But not everyone knows the strain for-profit clinics put on our public health care system here in Canada.
UFCW Local 401 November 23
There is truly strength in numbers and as a result of this vote, UFCW 401 now boasts an impressive 32,000 members throughout 18 cities and towns, including a number of camps in the north.
Fair Vote Canada November 23
Fair Vote Canada
On October 4th, the British Columbia NDP announced that in the fall of 2018, British Columbia voters will be voting in a referendum on proportional representation. Get involved.
Food Secure Canada November 17
The Liberal government continues to use a technocratic definition of innovation. Real change demands a deeper understanding of innovation and real investment in food policy.
United Food and Commercial Workers November 17
UFCW joined labour activists at a public hearing on the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act (2017), to demand card-check certification, automatic first contract arbitration, and pay equity for all.
United Steelworkers November 17
The United Steelworkers says coal workers, their families and communities must come first as the Government of Alberta releases the final recommendations of its Advisory Panel on Coal Communities.
Socialist Worker November 7
The promise of the Russian Revolution--its example of mass democracy in action, reaching into every corner of society--shows its relevance for us 100 years later.
Toronto & York Region Labour Council November 7
Toronto &  York Region Labour Council
In early in 2018, Bill 148 will become law. When it does, unions and workers will suddenly have a new set of tools to use for organizing. Here is more about what it means.
National Union of Public and General Employees November 7
National Union of Public and General Employees
When well-connected political figures are linked to tax havens, people are right to be worried about whether the federal government is serious about cracking down on their use” said Larry Brown, NUPGE
Canadians for Tax Fairness November 2
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Canadians for Tax Fairness has submitted a brief to the House of Commons Finance Committee for their Pre-Budget Consultations that identified some ways the government could raise over $23 billion.