Sierra Club of Canada April 28
A national coalition of organizations observed the 20th anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl by reminding Canadians that such an accident could happen here. Twenty years after the devasta
National Union of Public and General Employees April 28
National Union of Public and General Employees
The Ontario government has announced that the contract with a Utah-based company to operate the first private adult jail in Canada in Penetanguishene, will not be renewed when it expires later this y
The Dominion Newspaper April 28
Earlier this month, the Fraser Institute (FI) released its annual Report Card on Secondary Schools in B.C. and Yukon. The Report Card consistently favours private schools and public schools located
Citizens for Public Justice April 24
Citizens for Public Justice
Huge investments in the oil sands are converting Alberta into a land of milk and honey. Companies and investors are swimming in profits, workers enjoy record incomes, and sovereign consumers âe"
Alternatives April 24
I am writing this from Kathmandu. The entire valley was under curfew for 25 hours last week on the 15th day of the ongoing civic protest against the autocratic king and his army. The army and the se
Association for Women's Rights in Development April 24
It seems that there are too few interested funders, with too little money, to support existing women's rights organizations and initiatives. Is it that women's rights groups are not bold enough in th
DAWN Ontario April 21
REAL Women, the anti-feminist, anti-equal marriage organization, is engaging in a letter-writing campaign to the federal government to have the Status of Women Canada (SWC) disbanded. A counter lett
Canadian Union of Public Employees April 19
The vast majority of Albertans don't want the Conservative child care scheme, favouring the existing federal-provincial child care arrangements, a new poll finds. The poll, by Public Interest Alberta
Amnesty International April 19
Amnesty International
A new report exposes a covert operation whereby people have been arrested or abducted, transferred and held in secret or handed over to countries where they have faced torture and other ill-treatment
Inter Press Service April 11
An estimated two million people took to the streets across the U.S. Monday calling for comprehensive immigration reform that treats immigrants fairly and does not criminalize undocumented workers. "
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives April 11
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
A new study finds that BC's welfare system is systematically discouraging, delaying and denying assistance to many of the people most in need of help, with harmful consequences for some of the provin
April 6
The Gulf of Guinea is the large open arm of the Atlantic Ocean formed by the great bend of the coast of West Africa. It is considered the geographic centre of the earth because it is zero degrees lon
National Union of Public and General Employees April 6
National Union of Public and General Employees
Private security companies are in a buoyant mood as the first session of the new Parliament opens. They are counting on new justice measures promised by the Tories to increase the prison population a
Alternatives April 4
We are not threatened by voices in the Middle East opposing American policy, unless you believe one reference in a recording of bin Laden mentioning Canada along with other countries. That recording,
Sierra Club of Canada April 4
The Harper government has begun disassembling Canada's Climate Change Program. All climate change programs announced in Action Plan 2000 have not been renewed and Natural Resources Canada has begun l
Polaris Institute March 30
Polaris Institute
THE Cola kings, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, are re-casting themselves into water lords as they push their bottled water, juices and sport drinks. In early 2000, Aquafina had become the best selling, single
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives March 29
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
A new analysis finds that high-income families will receive a disproportionate share of the benefits from the Conservatives' tax-cut promises. According to Standing Up For Which Families? the 5.4 per
VIPIRG March 24
Poverty and hunger in Victoria are growing rapidly. This issue is often overlooked and must be addressed. I am one of 15 third year social work students from the University of Victoria taking social
The Dominion March 24
The Associated Press, Reuters and the CBC refer to him as the "Butcher of the Balkans." Making light of his recent death, the Daily Show's Jon Stewart referred to him as a "madman" and a "genocidal m
March 22
The Chad-Cameroon pipeline began as the World Bank's model of what an oil extraction project could do for a country's people if proper legislative safeguards were put in place. Two years on, safeguar
Parkland Institute March 22
A new book warns that moves toward privatizing health care financing would actually make the health care system more expensive, and provide less choice to the majority of patients. The best path to b
Polaris Institute March 17
Polaris Institute
As thousands of people gather in Mexico for the 4th World Water Forum (WWF) thisweek, public attention will be focused on the struggle between opposing visions andstrategies on how to solve the growi
The Sustainable Times March 17
"A Piece of Paradise" is about Vanuatu, a group of tropical islands in the South Pacific. On paper, it's one of the poorest countries on earth âe" yet there is very little poverty. No one can ow
Democracy Watch March 17
Open complaint letters have been filed with federal Ethics Commissioner Bernard Shapiro concerning the switching of political parties by Belinda Stronach and David Emerson. The letters raise questio
The Dominion Newspaper March 14
The lines separating Canada's government, military, media and private defense contractors are, if not imaginary, then ill-defined. The case of the new Minister of Defense, Gordon O'Connor is illustra
Human Horizons March 14
The Canadian Community Housing Foundation (CCHF) has agreed in principle to entering into an agreement with the Dos Hombres Group in San Pedro, Guatemala to carry out charitable projects and to act a
Parkland Institute March 10
Fuelling Fortress America: A Report on the Athabasca Tar Sands and U.S. Demands for Canada's Energy was released this week by Alberta's Parkland Institute, in conjunction with the Canadian Centre for
Pro-Choice Action Network March 8
Annually, around the world, while one woman in 2,800 can expect to die from a pregnancy in the developed world, one in 16 will die in poorer regions. This represents the largest disparity between dev
International Freedom of Expression Exchange March 7
International Freedom of Expression Exchange
The International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) welcomed eight new organizations into the network following a General Meeting in Brussels, Belgium that brought together more than 100 activist
Canadian Union of Public Employees March 7
Close to 200 activists and leaders from the four Atlantic Provinces came together in St. John's last week for a conference to discuss such issues as a plan to fight the Harper government on his plans