Canadian Union of Public Employees June 3
Because they want to slash public services. Because they favour for-profit health care. Because they oppose action on Kyoto ... Canada's largest union details its top 10 reasons not to support Stephe
Council of Canadians (with partners) June 3
What's the difference between the middle-aged white guys leading all the major parties this federal election? Ask them — and your local candidates. Canada Votes 2004 is a new online tool that ca
June 3
As we observe the tenth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, some see striking parallels with an earlier crisis — the Biafran War. Hugh McCullum follows the links: the media attention as deaths
Sierra Club of Canada June 2
The Sierra Club of Canada today lauded Liberal Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty for boosting the budget of the Ministry of the Environment. The group says the move gives the Ministry “tools to be
Canadian Union of Public Employees June 1
“The Liberal plan to fix health care,” says Canada's largest union, “is nothing but political opportunism.” According to the Canadian Union of Public Employees, adding funds witho
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 1
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
There's a growing consensus: Early childhood experiences profoundly affect health, well-being and coping skills for a lifetime. But while governments, too, are endorsing the concept, funding for earl
Canadian Council for International Co-operation May 31
The world's poor are losing out to rich countries' &#147;war on terror,&#148; warns a report released Friday in Ottawa. <i>The Reality of Aid</i> is published annually by an international network of
National Union of Public and General Employees May 28
National Union of Public and General Employees
Canada's second-largest union has filed a formal complaint with the UN's International Labour Organization against Newfoundland's Tory government. The National Union of Public and General Employees b
Amnesty International May 28
Amnesty International
&#147;As you have no doubt seen all the recent reports of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of Iraqi prisoners by Coalition Forces ... I am writing to you to emphasize your governmen
Canadian Union of Public Employees May 28
This week on the campaign trail, Prime Minister Paul Martin repeated his old pledge to boost funding to cities and towns. But the union representing 120,000 Canadian municipal workers says big busine
Maisonneuve Magazine May 27
Why are our national papers so scared of NDP ideas? If you're looking for the resurgent party's big platform announcement in today's <i>Globe and Mail,</i> you'll find it. Eventually. It's just burie
CAW May 27
Imagine this scenario. A government is criticized for wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars. It promises to address the scandal ... but days before calling an election, it lets all the c
Council of Canadians May 27
Ontario's Liberal government has lofted options for &#147;a major for-profit takeover of virtually all public institutions,&#148; a coalition of NGOs and unions warned today. At a Queen's Park press
Amnesty International May 26
Amnesty International
&#147;Governments and armed groups have launched a war on global values, destroying the human rights of ordinary people.&#148; Urgent words from Amnesty International today as it released its annual
Socialist Worker May 26
Paul Martin has one campaign plank in this federal election: <i>He isn't Stephen Harper.</i> Martin says he is the peace candidate, while the Tory leader is the war candidate. He says Harper is a thr
International Development Research Centre May 26
&#147;What I fear most are checkpoints,&#148; says Miki Kratsman, a photographer with the Israeli daily <i>Haaretz.</i> &#147;It doesn't matter if it is an Israeli checkpoint or a Palestinian checkpo
Citizens for Public Justice May 25
Citizens for Public Justice
This federal election campaign opens in the wild wake of a government accounting scandal. Most voters sense that this is not only about the transparent recording of how money was spent. But let's mak
Centre for Social Justice May 24
Politicians can't hear you scream at your TV, but they <i>can</i> hear you vote. Here's a campaign for Canadians who are turned off by modern politics &#151; but who stand to gain the most from progr
Council of Canadians May 24
Politicians dream of being all things to all people, and Paul Martin is surely giving it a good try. In his role as heroic deficit slayer, Martin folded health care funding for provinces into the Can
Maisonneuve Magazine May 24
In John Duffy's indispensable history of Canadian elections, a &#147;great&#148; election is defined by three traits: (a) it could swing either way between strong competitors; (b) it should resolve s
OneWorld Radio May 22
The world was stunned by video showing U.S. soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. And efforts to spin the footage as an aberration are still haunted by the Pentagon's Latin American legacy. For years, it
Democracy Watch May 21
Canadian election law controls the cost of running for office by constraining candidates and parties to spending limits. But these limits become meaningless when election messages can simply be deliv
Council of Canadians May 21
Canada's Supreme Court today sided with biotech giant Monsanto over Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser. The court upheld a 2001 judgment that Schmeiser violated Monsanto's patent rights after its ge
International Development and Environment Article Service May 20
Fourteen million men, women and children die each year of treatable infectious diseases. Drugs that can save these lives exist, but the world's poor can't afford them. So a Canadian plan to get low-c
National Union of Public and General Employees May 19
National Union of Public and General Employees
In yesterday's budget, Ontario's Liberal government announced that it will re-impose health care premiums. The scheme will cost individuals $300 to $900 a year, generating billions in new revenues fo
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives May 19
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Tuesday was supposed to be a turning point &#151; the first budget of the government elected to repair eight years of Ontario Tory cuts. But the Liberals' effort, critics say, falls far short of what
working TV May 18
working TV
It's one of the most persistent, laden questions of our times. And it's one that quickens the pulse of Dr. Norman Finkelstein, a scholar both acclaimed and controversial. He headlined a public forum
Amnesty International May 18
Amnesty International
Peace talks to resolve 21 years of civil war in Sudan have meant little for villagers in Darfur. Over the past year, hundreds of civilians have been killed, others raped, scores of villages burned by
Citizens for Public Justice May 18
Citizens for Public Justice
Critics say George W. Bush's ballistic missile defence shield would be hyper-expensive, ineffective, dangerous &#151; an exquisite symbol of government gone bad, draining public resources into a mad
National Union of Public and General Employees May 17
National Union of Public and General Employees
Ontario may re-introduce individual and family health premiums in Tuesday's provincial budget. Premier Dalton McGunity has broken trail for that announcement in recent days by stressing the challenge