National Union of Public and General Employees May 17
National Union of Public and General Employees
Ontario may re-introduce individual and family health premiums in Tuesday's provincial budget. Premier Dalton McGunity has broken trail for that announcement in recent days by stressing the challenge
Environment News Service May 14
Canadian family farmers and consumers cheered on Monday as Monsanto cancelled plans to commercialize its genetically engineered wheat. Days later, the biotech giant is now hinting that it will close
Amnesty International May 14
Amnesty International
Images of abuse meted out by U.S. soldiers in Baghdad's Abu Ghraib jail have shocked the world. Can that shock now propel a movement to finally eradicate the plague of torture from this planet? Amnes
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation May 14
Iraq's first Human Rights Minister said he repeatedly informed the U.S. chief administrator last year that American soldiers were abusing detainees. “He listened very well. But that was all he d
Inter Press Service May 14
Images of torture from Iraq's Abu Ghraib jail are straining European nations' support for the U.S.-led occupation. Even early supporters of the invasion are in withdrawal mode, suggesting that the Am
National Union of Public and General Employees May 14
National Union of Public and General Employees
Nearly 150 more public employees in Newfoundland received pink slips this week. The layoffs affirm that the province is forging ahead with cuts announced in its recent budget. Some 20,000 public work
Sierra Club of Canada May 13
Ottawa residents have been “entirely misled” about plastic recycling, the Sierra Club charged this week. The city has just cut several types of plastic from its Blue Box program — argu
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation May 13
Some 240 special needs teachers in Ontario were back in classes Monday after a week-long strike. They say their new contract meets their goals: wages and working conditions closer to those of mainlin
New Socialist Group May 12
Under Jack Layton, Canada's New Democratic Party is on the rise. New energy. New talk of embedding the party in social movements. New strength in pre-election polls. But this sheer success has spawne
National Union of Public and General Employees May 12
National Union of Public and General Employees
Ottawa has announced changes to employment insurance (EI) that could help seasonal workers in Atlantic Canada and eastern Quebec. Critics say the federal Liberals — who previously tightened EI e
Council of Canadians May 11
Monsanto today dropped its controversial plan to bring genetically engineered wheat to Canada. The Council of Canadians calls it a “tremendous victory for consumers” and a “serious blo
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives May 11
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
The “Common Sense Revolution” eviscerated Ontario's public service infrastructure. Exit the Tories, enter the Liberals — but can they undo the damage? Only by first rebuilding the prov
National Farmers Union May 11
Canadian family farmers are breathing easier now that Monsanto has pulled its plans to commercialize genetically engineered wheat. The herbicide-resistant crop was designed for large monoculture oper
Amnesty International May 10
Amnesty International
U.S. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld declared that he was “stunned” last week by video showing soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners — that this was “an exception ... not a pattern or pr
Centre for Media Alternatives Quebec May 7
Montreal police broke up a Critical Mass bike ride last Friday, one observer says. Police reportedly hauled some riders off their bikes, arresting one and charging three others for minor offenses. Cr
Save the Children May 7
Canada is tied with Australia as the seventh-best place to be a mother. So says Save the Children's <i>State of the World's Mothers 2004</i> report. The annual index ranks the well-being of mothers i
Council of Canadians May 7
As pre-election controversy swirls over the Liberals' commitment to public medicare, Ottawa is trying to block a court challenge that would scrutinize its failure to enforce the <i>Canada Health Act.
Sierra Club of Canada May 6
Canadians overwhelmingly support using regulation to meet Canada's Kyoto target of boosting passenger vehicle fuel efficiency by 25 per cent before 2010. A new Environics poll shows 94 per cent favou
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives May 6
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
After weathering three years of punishing program cuts, British Columbians are hearing some tantalizing news. Economist Marc Lee confirms that the provincial economy has recovered from its 2001 reces
OneWorld US May 6
Twenty years after the calamitous leak of poisonous gas from a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, Dow Chemical is facing growing pressure from its own shareholders to do more to help survivors. Do
DisAbled Women's Network Ontario May 5
A monument to female victims of violence is scheduled to be unveiled June 8 in Sudbury, Ontario ... in a local graveyard. The memorial was conceived, the location chosen, by a coalition of women draw
International Development Research Centre May 5
In Lebanon's sparsely settled highlands, an old method for settling disputes is taking a technological turn, as video cameras help the traditional <i>majlis</i> council structure function in changing
Inter Press Service May 4
Canadian and U.S. trade unions may appeal to the International Labour Organisation after a UN body promoting corporate responsibility dodged allegations that sports-equipment giant Nike is anti-union
Canadian Union of Public Employees May 4
&#147;A victory for patients and a victory for public health care, but not good news for public health care workers.&#148; That's how the head of BC's Health Employees Union described Sunday's conten
M May 3
As Canada's Bill C-9 went to final reading last week, many NGOs offered muted praise, tempered by warnings about its remaining flaws. But at least one group is taking a harder line on the legislation
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation May 3
Some 240 special needs teachers walked off the job across Ontario today. They work in schools for the deaf and blind, and in correctional facilities &#151; the only schools directly administered by O
National Union of Public and General Employees May 3
National Union of Public and General Employees
It seemed primed to spiral into a general strike. But unions representing 43,000 striking BC health workers reached a deal on Sunday with the provincial government. That agreement removes some of the
working TV April 30
working TV
Many BC health workers are holding to their protest lines, in defiance of Thursday's controversial back-to-work legislation. Bill 37 imposed deep concessions on 43,000 workers, including a 15 per cen
International Development Research Centre April 30
The international aid community increasingly stresses building local capacity as the key to alleviating poverty in the developing world. But precious little has been written on how to effectively eva
CAW April 30
Chinese officials hinted darkly that if Canadian politicians expressed support for Tibetan independence in meetings with a visiting Dalai Lama, there could be fallout for our bilateral trade. Economi