Democracy Watch March 31
Calls for electoral reform got a boost today as the Law Commission of Canada released a report recommending a modified form of proportional representation. While applauding the principle, Democracy W
International Development Research Centre March 30
Prosecuting human rights abusers is now a familiar phase in a society's passage from conflict to peaceful development. But punitive justice is only one side of transition. Just as important — to
Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group March 30
Students across Canada will soon be celebrating the end of term. Students Against Missile Defence is calling on students to have "house parties for peace" - and to tell Prime Minister Martin to keep
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives March 30
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Last week's federal budget fails to address flaws in Canada's provincial equalization program, says a study released today. Traditionally called confederation's “glue,” equalization is the
Inter Press Service March 30
A longtime Bush insider suggested in 2002 that a prime motive for overthrowing Iraq's Saddam Hussein was to protect Israel — not the U.S. — from potential aggression. Inter Press Service re
Canadian Union of Public Employees March 29
The Canadian Labour Congress has finally imposed sanctions on the Industrial, Wood and Allied Workers of Canada for its “yellow dog” organizing practices. Most recently, the IWA signed a de
March 29
A leading Africa-solidarity group today decried American efforts to exclude generic AIDS drugs from distribution through U.S.-funded programs. The EU has reportedly pulled out of a conference that be
National Anti-Poverty Organization March 29
Never mind that Canada's debt-to-GDP ratio is already second-best among G-7 economies. The dominant feature of last week's Liberal budget is that it pumps $4-billion more into debt repayment —
West Papua Action Network March 26
Quietly, quickly, in an overlooked corner of the world, a storm is gaining force. Papua is being ravaged in an escalating program of repression by the Indonesian military. Observers say at least 100,
International Development & Environment Article Service March 26
At one time or another, most children think about running away from home. One classic destination for these wayward dreams is the circus. The more adventurous may even fantasize about finding fame an
B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union March 26
British Columbia is handing over its payroll operations to a private consortium. Unions say the move could jeopardize sensitive information on some 30,000 public employees. The consortium includes tw
Sierra Club of Canada March 25
A lonely patch of progressive praise for this week's federal budget: Environment groups are applauding new initiatives to manage contaminated sites. The budget commits $3.5-billion over ten years to
International Institute for Sustainable Development March 25
“What the Throne Speech giveth ... the budget taketh away.” Critics say this week's federal budget doesn't do enough to support Canada's Kyoto Protocol commitments. The government is accele
National Union of Public and General Employees March 25
National Union of Public and General Employees
Should newspapers have the right to publish the name, the job title and the salary of every public sector employee? Prince Edward Island's <i>Eastern Graphic</i> seems to think so. The Montague-based
Canadian Union of Public Employees March 24
Canada's largest union says that yesterday's federal budget fixates on debt reduction while failing to tackle a gaping social deficit. The union offers its analysis of what Canadians needed &#151; an
Inter Press Service March 24
The U.S. appears set to block any attempt by the UN Security Council to condemn Israel for Monday's assassination of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Yesterday, the Americans blocked consensus on a
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives March 24
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Yesterday's federal budget is a platform for inaction supported by &#147;old tricks,&#148; charges the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Deferring its opportunity to invest in rebuilding a cou
Democracy Watch March 23
The stories are depressingly similar: mild-mannered public servant exposes wrongdoing, then suffers a chain of pressure and reprisal. And for every Allan Cutler or Joanna Gualtieri, for every Margare
International Fund for Animal Welfare March 23
Against international pressure, the commercial hunt for harp and hooded seal pups began today across the ice floes of eastern Canada. The International Fund for Animal Welfare is also out on the ice,
Socialist Worker March 23
The peace movement helped stop Canada from openly supporting the U.S.-led war on Iraq. A split in the Liberal Party, deepened by the spectacle of public protest, dissuaded the Prime Minister from joi
Public Service Alliance of Canada March 23
Canada's federal government has finally introduced legislation to protect employees who report government wrongdoing. But a public service union that lobbied for years for whistleblower protection sa
Christian Science Monitor March 23
The Arab world is flooded today with strong perceptions that the U.S. gave a wink and a nod to Israel's decision to assassinate Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin &#151; if only through its own prosecu
working TV March 23
working TV
&#147;We still say no to war.&#148; Some 25,000 people flooded Vancouver's streets on Saturday to re-broadcast that message. This was the city's response to the Global Day of Action Against War and O
Council of Canadians March 22
Canada is facing mounting pressure to reject an application from Monsanto to unleash genetically engineered (GE) wheat strains. Today, a coalition of 410 Japanese consumer and industry groups declare
Amnesty International March 22
Amnesty International
As many as 500 Aboriginal women have gone missing in Canada over the past 20 years. It's the tip of a wider reality: Aboriginal women disproportionately face violence in their lives. This tragedy sho
Probe International March 20
On the Yangtze River, with diverse Canadian involvement, China is building the world's biggest dam. Its sheer physical scale is matched only by the controversy it inspires &#151; and by efforts to qu
M March 19
Nineteen months after the abduction of Arjan Erkel, M
Inter Press Service March 19
Some observers describe last month's coup against Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide as a U.S. plot. Other believe American involvement was less direct &#151; a case of willful neglect. But mos
B.C. Teachers' Federation March 18
B.C. Teachers' Federation
British Columbia's teachers are preparing a major public awareness campaign to defend public education. At their union's annual general meeting this week, delegates voted overwhelmingly to invest up
National Union of Public and General Employees March 18
National Union of Public and General Employees
So this is where the money goes? Bloated insurance premiums &#151; especially for auto coverage &#151; are a political hot potato right across Canada. And figures just released by the Insurance Burea