Fair Vote Canada October 21
Fair Vote Canada
Liberals won a majority with 39.5 per cent of the popular vote and more than half of all voters were unable to cast an effective ballot.
Council of Canadians October 20
In 2011, 61.4 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot. That's about 14.8 million people. In the October 2015 election, about 68 per cent, or 17.5 million people, cast a ballot.
Unifor October 20
Unifor is celebrating the defeat of the Harper Conservatives and calling on the Liberals and NDP to cooperate to rebuild Canada.
Public Service Alliance of Canada October 20
Canadians rejected the Harper Conservatives and voted for change on October 19 and that is good news for Canada, says the Public Service Alliance of Canada.
Fair Vote Canada October 16
Fair Vote Canada
Fair Vote Canada commends the NDP for including proportional representation in their final election platform.
Public Service Alliance of Canada October 16
A new Ekos poll shows that a large percentage of Canadians are opposed to cuts to public services and believe the cuts will affect the election result on October 19.
Canadians for Tax Fairness October 16
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Taxes have been a key issue in this federal election. Voters have some very different positions to choose from.
Mining Watch October 14
The Canadian Ambassador to Mexico is apparently not worried about violence, kidnapping and extortion at Canadian mine sites.
Council of Canadians October 14
Over 90 First Nation communities and allied organizations sent an open letter to federal party leaders urging them to prioritize funding commitments to end the drinking water crisis.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers October 14
Two of the major federal parties need to be clearer about their positions on postal service cuts in order to avoid misleading the public, according to the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.
Unifor October 12
Amidst growing public concern that the federal government is hiding key details of the newly signed TPP, Unifor has joined others calling for the full text to be released immediately.
Food Secure Canada October 12
Household Food Insecurity in Canada 2013 has documented 2.4 million adults and nearly a million children in Canada experienced food insecurity in that year.
United Food and Commercial Workers October 12
For the first time in Canada, the number of people over the age of 65 is greater than the number of people under 14, according to new data released by Statistics Canada.
Public Service Alliance of Canada October 9
The Conservative government has just signed a free trade that will give corporations, not elected governments, more power to decide what's good for Canada.
Canadian Health Coalition October 9
With the federal election around the corner, it is important to know where the federal party leaders stand on this agreement.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers October 8
"Canada Post's material clearly qualifies as election advertising," said Mike Palecek, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.
Canadians for Tax Fairness October 8
Canadians for Tax Fairness
No question the Canada Revenue Agency needs help to get back on track.
National Union of Public and General Employees October 8
National Union of Public and General Employees
"This is a deal by business, for business, with a price tag Canadians shouldn't have to pay."
Canadians for Tax Fairness October 5
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Many Canadians say they support raising the contribution ceiling on the Tax Free Savings Account. But it is only a wealthy minority who will actually benefit?
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives October 5
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
October 1 marks the first year in which the Ontario government adjusts its provincial minimum wage to inflation, but the job is only half finished.
Socialist Worker October 5
As a force for change, most people in so-called democracies like Canada look to political parties and elections as their most potent device. But this has not been the case for Indigenous people.
National Union of Public and General Employees October 2
National Union of Public and General Employees
According to research by the Native Women's Association of Canada, there are more than 582 missing or murdered Indigenous women and girls across Canada.
Council of Canadians October 2
If there was ever a living, breathing argument for keeping the profit motive out of health care, Martin Shkreli is it.
Public Service Alliance of Canada October 2
The Liberal party’s promise to promote and protect Canada’s national parks falls short especially because it encompasses a proposal to create 5,000 youth jobs at the expense of secure employment.
United Steelworkers September 30
The Steelworkers Humanity Fund is making $100,000 available to sponsor Syrian refugees to Canada and contributing $40,000 to support Oxfam's emergency relief efforts for Burundian refugees.
B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union September 30
Building on the success of the nation-wide actions coordinated by the BCGEU in March 2015, the coalition campaign against C-51 has been relaunched.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives September 30
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Federal underfunding and understaffing of safety inspectors are putting employees in federally regulated workplaces sector in harm's way.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario September 28
Teachers and occasional teachers are continuing to provide daily instruction to students and have the safety of their students as a prime objective.
Hospital Employees' Union September 28
A day to remember the atrocious treatment of more than 150,000 First Nations, Métis and Inuit children, who were taken from their families and forced into residential schools to assimilate.
Unifor September 28
Unifor members, their families and supporters rallied outside the offices of Conservative election candidates.