National Union of Public and General Employees July 29
National Union of Public and General Employees
"There are days when I thank God at the end of a shift that nothing big has happened, because I know we don't have the resources to handle it," says Patrick Fry-Smith, vice-president of OPSEU Local 2
Canadian Union of Public Employees July 25
Ontario's North Bay Hydro wants to eliminate benefits that workers have enjoyed for as long as anyone remembers. In response, members of CUPE 72 have been on strike since July 4. And after two weeks
Council of Canadians July 25
Sure, The Council of Canadians and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers are permitted to watch as the United Parcel Services (UPS) challenges Canadian policy and practices at NAFTA Hearings in Washin
Alternatives July 24
B.C. Referendum Results are Bad for Everyone. While less than 36 per cent of voters participated (7 per cent spoiled their ballots) in Premier Gordon Campbell's recent referendum on native treaty neg
Public Service Alliance of Canada July 19
More than 2,000 sites across Canada — airports, border crossings, even entire communities — have been identified as contaminated by the government. "The bad news," says PSAC's National Pres
Sierra Club of Canada July 19
Is our government committed to tackling ozone depletion and climate change? Then why is a key climate observatory on Ellesmere Island losing its federal support? The Eureka Arctic Stratospheric Ozone
Council of Canadians July 18
With all eyes focussed on recent protests in Kananaskis, one of Canada's most significant anti-globalization battles has been completely overlooked. It began on Monday, and it's being led by New Brun
International Fund for Animal Welfare July 18
It's like shootin' mammals in a barrel, and Albertans don't much like the idea. In a survey released yesterday, eighty-four per cent now oppose the legalization of penned hunting for deer and elk. So
National Union of Public and General Employees July 17
National Union of Public and General Employees
Are health care costs crippling medicare? Not really. Overall, those costs are actually declining as a percentage of our economy. But one piece of the health care package is growing through the roof.
Amnesty International July 17
Amnesty International
The UN Security Council has passed a resolution exempting peacekeepers from prosecution under the International Criminal Court. The ICC was launched this month to hear charges of crimes against human
Sierra Club of Canada July 16
Cobalt has become Ontario's first municipality to ban all non-essential pesticide use within town boundaries. And now Ottawa, Toronto and Caledon are working on their own by-laws. Until now week, Hal
CAW July 16
A scab-plagued six-week strike has ended at a truck plant in Chatham, Ontario. Six hundred CAW Local 127 members have ratified a June 14 agreement with Navistar (International Truck and Engine). The
National Union of Public and General Employees July 15
National Union of Public and General Employees
Eighty per cent of Canadians want more funding for elementary and secondary schools. Seventy per cent believe that reducing class size will greatly increase the quality of education. A major Vector s
New Politics Initiative July 15
For the next eight months, the federal NDP will focus its energies on a personal popularity contest. Many fear the leadership race could delay the party's budding renewal process. Some are even looki
Sierra Club of Canada July 15
It's the long-awaited inventory of federal contaminated sites. It responds to the Auditor General's requirement that federal departments move toward full-cost accounting. But what's missing? Tons.
Canadian Union of Public Employees July 12
Ontario has forced 22,000 City of Toronto workers back to work, ending the largest municipal strike in Canadian history. The union called back-to-work legislation "an attack on our right to freely ne
Alternatives July 12
Critics call it racist, a blockade against immigrants and refugees. Enacted June 28, Canada's <i>Immigration and Refugee Protection Act</i> marks a major policy shift, elevating "security" over more
Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples July 12
Ontario's Superior Court of Justice ruled today that any restriction to same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. One of the cases spawning the decision challenged the Ontario Government's refusal to re
Alternatives July 11
At Kashmir, more than one million Indian and Pakistani soldiers are massed along 120 kilometres of borderline. In one of the world's poorest regions, both countries could be channelling resources int
CMAQ July 11
Under Ontario's ironically-named <I>Tenant Protection Act,</I> urban rents are rising to levels that wrench access to basic shelter from the reach of thousands. But this housing crisis hasn't stopped
Council of Canadians July 10
Twenty-three countries have asked Canada to open up its health and social services to negotiation under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). And while Canada has taken steps to protect
Socialist Worker July 10
"We're still winning" was a fave slogan at anti-G8 protests in Calgary and across Canada. In the shadow of Seattle and Quebec, the actions seemed underwhelming. But the thousands who did protest were
Alternatives July 9
It's been eight years since Jean-Francois Boivin and Elise Roy teamed up to study the health concerns of Montreal's street youth. At a time when most research is driven by markets for pharmaceuticals
CAW July 9
The economic news has been pretty cheerful: strong job creation, optimistic consumers, growing productivity. Yet stock markets around the world are mired in one of their deepest funks ever. What's ha
Canadian Union of Public Employees July 8
Ontario's Tories have lost another round in their battle to privatize the province's electricity transmission utility. On July 4, the Court of Appeal dismissed the Eves government's appeal of the lan
Sierra Club of Canada July 8
Green groups are praising Quebec for protecting people and the environment from exposure to chemical pesticides. New restrictions will immediately ban the use of common chemical pesticides on municip
International Fund for Animal Welfare July 8
Manitoba continues to stand out as a leader in wildlife protection. Bill 43, introduced last week, would prohibit anyone from owning or exporting a polar bear without the Conservation Minister's perm
Citizens for Public Justice July 8
Citizens for Public Justice
Most British Columbians who voted in a referendum on Aboriginal treaty negotiations marked "yes" beside the government's leading questions. But if the Premier accepts that as any kind of mandate, the
Ashoka Canada July 8
They are beacons of progressive innovation. Mary Gordon's "emotional literacy" program helps reduce childhood aggression to break generational cycles of abuse. Al Etmanski's groundbreaking support ne
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives July 4
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Shortly after sweeping to power in May 2001, the B.C. Liberals began phasing in huge tax cuts "to put dollars back into the pockets of British Columbians." A new study shows how most residents' gains