United Steelworkers August 15
A year ago on August 22, we lost my dear friend Jack Layton to cancer. He meant so much to me and to so many of us, and his passing brought out an incredible outpouring of grief and affection.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives August 10
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Next Up is an amazing, intensive and transformative program for young social change activists between the ages of 18 and 32.
Sierra Club of Canada August 10
A species of dragonfly may be the next victim of the federal government’s gutting of environmental protection laws, says Sierra Club Canada.
Canadian Auto Workers August 8
Canadian Auto Workers
After a grueling 29 hours past the strike deadline on July 24, the bargaining committee of CAW Local 2301 reached a collective agreement with Rio Tinto Alcan in the northern community of Kitimat, B.C.
Canadian Union of Public Employees August 8
For quality, value and effective control, the best way to deal with Toronto's solid waste is in-house. That's not an opinion; that's a fact we are confident will be demonstrated time and again.
National Union of Public and General Employees August 6
National Union of Public and General Employees
The Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Union (SGEU/NUPGE) is asking its members and the public to speak out for fair workplaces and a strong Saskatchewan.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives August 3
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Quebec's striking students have raised arguments and concerns that get to the root of the debate about the kind of society we want to build -- or the kind of society we are allowing to be dismantled.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation August 1
Ontario students and parents don’t deserve to be misled about the possibility of a delay to the beginning of the school year because of labour unrest.
Ontario Public Service Employees Union July 30
Ontario Public Service Employees Union
John Tory's recommendations for the revitalization of Ontario Place will likely result in affluent condo owners having their own private playground.
United Steelworkers July 30
Blue Green Canada agrees it's time for a serious chat about a real energy strategy
Mining Watch July 25
Guatemala’s Constitutional Court will hear a case challenging the constitutionality of the 1997 mining law for failure to consult with the country’s indigenous peoples who make up more than half the p
United Food and Commercial Workers July 25
Retail Report aims to deliver up-to-date information with an honest, daring and insightful view into problems, experiences and excitement of the retail and service industries.
Council of Canadians July 20
An energy strategy shouldn't be based on destroying the water and air for many communities. There are other options, such as redirecting fossil fuel subsidies to public transit and building retrofits.
B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union July 20
Its clear there is very little support for this privatization except from the bidders who want the profits from operating a private monopoly distributing beer, wine and spirits in our province.
Mining Watch July 18
It is outrageous that such a damaging mining initiative has the backing of the World Bank, whose mission is to advance real and sustainable development.
Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union July 18
Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union
In terminating the Local Programming Improvement Fund, the CRTC has cravenly caved to Canada's largest media barons and jeopardized Canadians' access to high-quality local news and information.
Canadian Union of Public Employees July 16
The Court has ruled that a number of key clauses were unconstitutional in the budget legislation limiting spending which was passed on March 12, 2009.
United Steelworkers July 16
From 2004-2010, there were 7,045 workplace deaths in Canada, but not a single corporate executive or director has been jailed.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives July 13
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
The provincial government's stated goal is to support seniors as they age to live well in their own homes and communities. What is missing is strong leadership to make this goal a reality.
United Food and Commercial Workers July 13
Together, we can make Target do better by keeping the pressure on. Every letter sent to Target is read and noted. Add yours by going to www.targetfairness.ca.
Canadian Auto Workers July 13
Canadian Auto Workers
A groundbreaking study tracking a group of laid off workers in Ontario shows that they continue to struggle to find decent jobs amidst the turmoil of the current labour market.
Ontario Public Service Employees Union July 11
Ontario Public Service Employees Union
It's the same old formula. Attack unions and demonize the middle class. Without good ideas just revert to dissension. Count on anger. Separate Ontarians rather than unite them.
Mining Watch July 9
This election is indicative of the actions of a company that has, for two years, taken every step possible to intimidate workers and instill fear in them to not vote for a union local.
Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union July 9
Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union
The Saskatchewan Party unveiled a labour consultation paper that includes a proposal to lengthen the work week and undermine public holidays and undercut unions' ability to engage politically.
National Union of Public and General Employees July 9
National Union of Public and General Employees
The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal rules that the federal government was discriminating on the basis of gender.
United Steelworkers July 6
The United Steelworkers and its global allies are hailing the end of Rio Tinto's six-month lockout of aluminum smelter workers in Alma, Quebec, as a great victory for the workers and supporters.
Canadian Auto Workers July 6
Canadian Auto Workers
The federal government's so-called 'modernization plan' at VIA Rail is resulting in major cuts to passenger rail service for Canadians from coast to coast.
United Food and Commercial Workers July 4
Our Brothers and Sisters in the LGBTQ community need to know they are not alone, that their union will be with them every step of the way to fight for a world free of prejudice and discrimination.
National Farmers Union July 4
Supply management is the system we use here in Canada to make sure that there is always enough for Canadian consumers, and so we don’t end up dumping excess production down the drain.
AfricaFiles July 2
Booming construction, a burgeoning middle-class, gleaming shopping malls. Ghana's oil-driven economic expansion is transforming the country, but many are being outpaced, slipping further into poverty.