May 10, 2017

An open letter to Justin Trudeau on press freedom

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
A global coalition calls on Justin Trudeau to take action to stop the decline of press freedom in Canada, starting with the passage of Bill S-231, the Journalistic Sources Protection Act.
Nov 26, 2016

All out against the TPP: Vancouver edition

Marie Aspiazu
The TPP in its original form may be dead, but some of its poisonous components remain -- and big media lobbyists will continue to push for them. Join us for a mobilization against against the TPP.
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Current position of the NDP with Greens voting for BDS and Trudeau courting unions

For my part I found the CBC analysis about Trudeau courting unions interesting in that it is being presented as newsworthy. But there should be no surprise here. This is the one thing -- the only thing -- both parties agreed on a couple years ago. Remember when the parties each had voices calling for a merger and each party's leader said there would be none. Each party promised to "unite the left" leaving the other outside.

And so we had a campaign that in Chantal Hébert's analysis went head to head leaving a generation of at least one party’s leading lights in defeat. Those were the rules of the duel. Some might say, a most ridiculous duel.


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