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Protest Against Line 9

Jan 26, 2013
Line 9
Yonge St. at Hendon Ave.
Toronto , ON
43° 46' 54.2532" N, 79° 24' 58.2192" W
Ontario CA
In support of's Day of Action on January 26, we will demonstrate our opposition to the Tar Sands in Toronto and support for a ban on them by City Council.
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Bullet points for electoral coalition. If you support cooperation, do these speak for you?

A message to Canada's progressive leaders from ordinary progressive canadians.



We Propose, Given:


  1. The current Conservative Government holds power primarily due to “vote splitting;” a peculiarity of the current “first-past-the-post” electoral system. 


  2. The core values of social justice, environmental sustainability and sound fiscal management are shared by Canada's three federalist progressive parties.


  3. The strong acrimony felt by many organizers in each progressive party for the other progressive parties is not shared by the majority of progressive voters. 


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Lobbying local government can be an effective way for activists change policy


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