Feb 27, 2013

Pedagogy, mentoring and innovation

In today's column I touch on one aspect of the art of pedagogy, that is, not on the technical procedures that enable understanding, but the incitement to knowledge provided by good instructors.
Feb 26, 2013
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B.C.'s social infrastructure house of cards

Keith Reynolds
Maybe we have a balanced budget, but if we do it comes at the price of reckless and continuous undermining of education and social supports in B.C.
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U-Pass BC 2013 Referendum: Not fair on students who don't drive

There is a referendum underway for the U-Pass BC. The pass expires in March 2013, and all students have to vote to either continue with the pass or to end it.

U-Pass BC is available to all post-secondary students in BC through a partnership between the Province of British Columbia, TransLink and BC Transit. The program is universal for all eligible Metro Vancouver post-secondary students and is mandatory in order to lower the cost per student.

All this sounds fine in theory but there is a serious flaw in reasoning in the whole affair.


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