Sep 17, 2016

What's in a name?

Doreen Nicoll
It's 2016. So why are women still expected to change their surnames when they marry?
Sep 10, 2016
Hillary Clinton 1995, arriving in Huairou, China, in the rain

Waiting for Hillary

A talk from 1995 at the UN World Conference on Women provides a historical look at Clinton's relationship with the women's movement.
Sep 6, 2016

Contextualizing the burkini/bikini debate

Feminist Current
In this episode, Meghan Murphy speaks with Natasha Bakht about the burkini, veiling, and how this debate impacts Muslim women.
Book Review
Aug 4, 2016

The Olympics are not what they seem

Jacqueline Kennelly
So, the Rio Olympics start on Friday. Instead of the typical media tributes to Olympic success, let's look at the political resistance to the Olympic behemoth, past and present.


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