Return and Liberation: Conference of the Palestinian Shatat in North America

May 3, 2013 to May 5, 2013
University of British Columbia, Buchanan A Building
1866 Main Mall
Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 2.3376" N, 123° 15' 17.388" W
British Columbia CA
This conference is being organized from the ground up, and will benefit from the active involvement and participation of Palestinian organizations and organizers across North America.
Apr 1, 2013
A United Nations truck removes waste from a Gaza refugee camp. Photo by Emad Bad

Israeli siege on Gaza causes waste crisis

Eva Bartlett
The most critical issues in the Gaza Strip include overflowing landfills, non-functioning collection vehicles, waste site toxins leaking into the groundwater, and no means of hazardous waste disposal.
Mar 27, 2013
Photo: Emad Badwan/IPS

Gaza's Ark: Trade, not aid

Eva Bartlett
An initiative by Palestinians in Gaza and international solidarity activists, Gaza's Ark is "a vessel that embodies hope that the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip can soon live in peace."
Mar 15, 2013
Fog at 6:30 one morning, the beginning of a hot day.

Days in Gaza

Eva Bartlett
The taxis start honking just before 7 a.m. as they circle for fares, catching students going to local schools, people commuting to Gaza for work and university, and usually later others like me.


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