Nov 30, 2012
(Photo: percursodacultura / flickr)

An important day for Palestine

rabble staff
The World Social Forum on Palestine got underway in Brazil, while Palestinian statehood vote passed at the UN. (Photo: percursodacultura / flickr)
Nov 27, 2012

Ali Abunimah on the most recent attack on Gaza

Ali Abunimah is a Palestinian American journalist and co-founder of Electronic Intifada, a not-for-profit, independent online publication about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Nov 26, 2012

Canadians Jews speak out against Operation Pillar of Cloud

Progressive Voices
Robert Allison of Independent Jewish Voices Canada explains why Israeli actions against the Palestinians are contrary to principles of Judaism and what needs to be done to create peace in the region.
Nov 22, 2012

Ending the occupation of Gaza

This latest Israeli military assault on the people of Gaza is not an isolated event, but part of a 45-year occupation of the sliver of land wedged between Israel and the Mediterranean Sea.
Book Review
Jan 17, 2013

Sailing for freedom

Ramona Wadi
Freedom Sailors is an account of how a small group of ordinary people conceived and executed what seemed like a grandiose plan to break Israel’s illegal military blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Nov 21, 2012

On Gaza and the media: The precarious concept of 'balance'

Máire Noonan
There is such a great and burning desire for “balance” in Canadian society that I cannot understand that people don’t actually recognise the so apparent lack of balance that they are fed every day.
Nov 21, 2012

So sad for the people of Gaza

Judy Rebick
As you have heard many other places, this is not a war. This is a terror attack by one of the most powerful military forces in the world against an almost defenceless peoples.


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