Toronto Palestine Film Festival

Sep 28, 2013 to Oct 5, 2013
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
The Toronto Palestine Film Festival is thrilled to present its 2013 Festival Program and announce that tickets are officially on sale!
Sep 13, 2013

Bus ads show the disappearance of Palestinian land

The ads show four maps for four different years from 1946 to 2012, each one showing the territory for Palestinians and for Israelis. Marty Roth is with the coalition that designed the ad campaign.
Sep 8, 2013

Gaza: Worse than 2007

Eva Bartlett
News from the ground in Gaza suggests life is harder in the strip than it was in 2007.
Aug 21, 2013
Photo: Eva Bartlett

It's still miserable to be a Palestinian in Gaza

Eva Bartlett
The misery inflicted on Palestinians, for years, for decades, gets continually worse. The vast majority of Gaza's Palestinians are still unable to travel freely from their tiny, overpopulated, Strip.


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