Dec 9, 2010

Ask your post office to do more for you, urges union

Denis Lemelin
Canada Post will soon have a new president and chief executive officer. Do you want it to continue to cut back, contract out and stand by while the government further erodes universal postal service?
Dec 7, 2010

Why NUPGE is at odds with the Canadian Labour Congress

James Clancy
The National Union of Public and General Employees suffered from union member raiding by CLC affiliates. There was no support when we tried to stop it and our relationship with the CLC deteriorated.
Nov 30, 2010

Battle looms over public pension expansion

The notion that we can't afford strong public programs -- that we're better off buying services on our own -- is one of the central falsehoods blocking meaningful progress toward improving well-being.
Nov 16, 2010

Fight like the Greeks

Ritch Whyman
Canadian workers have seen their wages and conditions deteriorate for the last seven years. Perhaps the French and the Greeks show a way forward with a generalized protest against the incompetency.
Nov 15, 2010

Austerity and disability: Opposing Bill 83

Jordy Cummings
This bill is a danger to the labour movement's ability to win fair contracts and defend public services and it stops the disabled receiving top-quality services from well-trained, non-scab workers.
Nov 8, 2010

Beware the national security state

As conditions worsen, as wages and living standards fall, as insecurity increases, as the social safety net frays, objection and dissent increases. The government spends money and builds its response.
Oct 27, 2010

Cities get the cold shoulder with EI announcement

Laurell Ritchie
People who live in Canada's most populous urban centres are being shut out from the five-week EI extension announced by the federal government -- this could add up to a loss of $2,285.


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