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Immigration is not a municipal issue!

At the CP24 debate in Toronto on August 17th at the former home of the Masonic Temple, the "top" five mayoral candidates entertained several questions from the audience on the subject of immigration. I suppose neither the moderators, presenters, candidates, or political commentators knew or ought to have known, that Immigration as it pertains to citizenship is a federal issue, not a municipal one. A good handbook rule for all Canadians and aspiring holders of our constitution, is to remember that the distribution of powers and the issues that each tier may govern under, are consistent with upholding the laws dealt within that jurisdiction. Last time I read, there is no "Toronto court of Immigration".

Aug 23, 2010
Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May at last weekend's Green Party meeting.

Green Party in pre-election mode

Morgan Gabereau
The GPC met in Toronto for its Biennial Meeting, and leader Elizabeth May believes it is taken seriously now more than ever.
Aug 23, 2010
Haitians in Cité Soleil queue for food after the earthquake, in January 2010. Photo: The United Nations

Money flows uphill: An update from Cité Soleil

Paul Jackson and Joegodson Déralciné
Canadians who have donated to Haiti after the earthquake believe they are helping the victims. They're not. It's simply extraordinary to see how corporate power continues to profit at every turn.
Aug 22, 2010

Brits do it, Aussies do it … Let's do it!

David J. Climenhaga
Australia's election result Saturday is one more nail in the coffin of the peculiar Canadian notion Parliamentary coalitions are "undemocratic."
Aug 20, 2010

Seven myths about the Tamil refugees

No One Is Illegal-Vancouver
Current trends of global migration reveal the ways in which Western domination and corporate globalization creates economic and political insecurity, forcing millions to flee their countries.


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