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Dec 19, 2014
Photo: No One Is Illegal facebook page

Harper government continues to ignore dangers in Mexico

Francella Fiallos
On Dec. 18, International Migrants Day, No One Is Illegal demanded the Canadian government remove Mexico from the Designated Countries of Origin refugee list due to the growing concerns of crime.
Dec 19, 2014

Cyber-misogyny: The new frontier for hate

Kaity Cooper
Last week, I started a series about the different ways sexism is impacting girls and women today and how feminism can be utilized to help them. This post is about cyber-misogyny.
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Chantal Hébert says this election will be decided by Blue Liberals & Red Tories

Last night on At Issue Chantal Hébert (member of Canada's best political team on television) said

"the people who will make a difference between victory or defeat, a majority or minority for Stephen Harper next year. They tend to be people who once in their lives voted for Jean Chretien or Paul Martin. It is a small group of people who are Blue Liberals or Red Tories. They didn't vote for Stephen Harper last time because they wanted to make Canada a conservative country. They voted for him because they thought he was the best choice offered, and they really didn't want the NDP to have a shot at power. So they ran away from the Liberals. Whether he (Harper) accomplished his goals, it would be bad politics to brad about it."

Go 14:20 into video below

Dec 18, 2014
Photo: Eugenio/flickr

Canada's lobbying tars EU climate legislation

Andrea Harden-Donahue
The European Parliament has narrowly voted to allow a weakened Fuel Quality Directive -- a modest climate measure to reduce emissions from transport fuel by six per cent by 2020 -- to proceed.


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