Apr 30, 2013

Citizen science: Getting started

Citizen Science
Citizen science is a growing movement that's joining professional scientists with regular people around the world.
Apr 30, 2013

Citizen scientists: Vital to the future of science

Alyssa Ashton
Rubab Abid
Amar Shah
While citizen science may not be equal to the work done in labs, professionals are working to design projects that still produce valuable scientific data, especially in the field of medical science.
Apr 30, 2013

Is CISPA dead? U.S. spying bill may be back
Catherine Hart
The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) passed the U.S. House of Representatives last week. Will the spying bill be killed by the Senate, and what does this mean for online privacy?
Apr 26, 2013

Can citizen science activism come to the rescue?

Dalal Kheder
Idil Mussa
Natalie Paddon
Andrea Smith
While the 'muzzling' of Canadian government scientists is worrying to some democracy advocates, citizen science activism is one movement that is providing greater transparency.
Apr 24, 2013

The history of citizen science

rabble staff
The latest in our special series: find out how citizen science solved the mystery of the missing monarchs. (Photo: stinkenroboter / flickr)
Forum topic

Has Social Media Helped Democracy?

Nowadays, with the explosion of social media, everyone has the chance to everyone to express themselves freely and have a chance to be heard on a worldwide level at the simple touch of a keyboard or smartphone. Now my question is, in your views, has social media helped democracy in any way?


One one hand, one may argue that it has because everyone now has a direct way to let their views known on a worldwide level, but how important i


On the other hand, politicians and the media also participate in social media, so is it really more social or democratic, or still very influenced by the media?


Let the debate start!



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