Dec 17, 2014

Goliath vs. Goliath

Eva Prkachin
Leaked emails reveal that Sony, the MPAA, and other large studios are concocting a plan to censor the Internet.
Dec 16, 2014
Photo: Mattia Notari/flickr

Why does Anonymous need to be anonymous?

Stephen Kimber
Late last week, Anonymous Maritimes, an apparent branch plant of the leader-less worldwide network of Internet "hacktivists" issued its latest YouTube manifesto.
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Harperite Dirty Tricks: Have We Had Enough Yet?

Nice to see Jason Kenny connected with the latest Harperite dirty tricks scandal. Kenny is like Harper - only younger, smarter and even more of an ideologue. So, when people say, "political parties are all the same. So and so would do the same thing." Well, when I hear that, I see 'red'.
"They're all the same so why bother" is such a tired rationale for excusing venal behavior. And the clear truth of it is that this "Harper Government" is totally different from any preceding government, including the formerly-named Progressive Conservative governments of Diefenbaker, Clark and Mulroney. In those days, being a conservative was an honorable, valid political viewpoint to take. These Harperites are different. They're not "conservatives".


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