rabble series

Nov 30, 2011

New Politics Initiative at 10: Time to look forward

Mel Watkins
It is important to remember the NPI and Waffle, but looking forward this is arguably the time for those on the left to support the NDP and to hold it to the progressive politics of Jack Layton.
Nov 25, 2011

A progressive dialogue: Occupy -- The struggle within

Aalya Ahmad
I have been energized, above all, by the people supporting the Occupy movement who I would never expect to see at the rallies, people who I felt I would never be able to make common cause.
Sep 30, 2011

Collaborative dialogue sharpens civic decision-making

Charles Dobson
The simple beauty of grassroots democratic solutions to pressing problems is not lost on those who bring together opposite sides in disputes, handing citizens more control over decision-making.
Sep 28, 2011

Building an intergenerational movement

Brigette DePape
I see the incredible energy and clarity of vision that young people can bring to the movement. It is not only younger activists who could benefit from learning and working with seasoned activists.
Sep 27, 2011

Political life and activism: Challenging the status quo

Brigette DePape
Stephen Harper's neo-liberal agenda has been built on false assumptions that allow short-term economic gains to come before the long-term sustainability of our communities. Reject this status quo.


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