opinion May 17
Ben West | I think both the NDP and the Greens owe it to the public to make a peace treaty and find a way to show everyone that we can work together for solutions that are good for people and the planet.
opinion May 17
Nydia Dauphin | Quebec comedians have a strange affliction. It sporadically resurfaces time and again and it's proven almost impossible to cure.
briefly May 17
rabble staff | Elijah Harper has died at the age of 64. Elijah Harper served as both an MP and MLA for Manitoba, and was an honorary chief for life of the Red Sucker Lake First Nation.
press release May 17
rabble staff | The Big Apple proved to be an unfriendly landing spot today for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose sales job for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline was interrupted climate activists.
arts/media May 16
Muna Mire | Min Sook Lee describes the multimedia installation she helped to curate, Milagros for Migrants, as "an organic meeting of two artistic practices."
opinion May 16
Cameron Fenton | Remember that there is no silver bullet solution, the NDP weren't one before this election and there certainly isn't one afterwards.
rabble interview May 15
Jane Bouey | Describing much of the Left as 'speechless' after a stunning election defeat, the Vancouver & District Labour Council president reflects on what went wrong -- and what's next.
rabble interview May 15
Jane Bouey | Today, many people in British Columbia -- and indeed across Canada -- are trying to determine just how the BC Liberals won the provincial election and what implications this surprise result will have.
politics May 15
Melanie Fitzpatrick | Reaching 400 parts per million for the first time in human history is a wake up call for all of us. The science is clear.
briefly May 15
rabble staff | The BC Liberals pulled off a stunning upset Tuesday, defeating the BC NDP to win a majority in the provincial election.
opinion May 14
All eyes on Andrea Horwath this week in Ontario.
Buzz Hargrove, Brent Hawkes | We are asking the NDP and the Liberals to co-operate and pass the budget (possibility with some tweaking). However we are frankly asking for much more.
opinion May 14
Ben West | We need people like George Heyman, the former Executive Director of the Sierra Club of BC, to get elected.
opinion May 14
RJ Aquino (Photo: brent_granby / flickr)
RJ Aquino | It's been exasperating to see the BC Liberals try to court the Filipino vote through superficial events designed to be nothing but photo-ops.
opinion May 13
Helesia Luke | Christy Clark displays a betrays a narrow, middle-class, perspective that imagines child labour is about 'pocket money' and 'learning responsibility.'
politics May 13
Andrew MacLeod | While the BC Liberals have stepped away from envisioning a greener economy, the NDP is saying little to fill the void, according to observers.
press release May 13
rabble staff | Veteran filmmaker and Occupy activist Velcrow Ripper has launched a new app designed to inspire a new breed of Occupy protests.
rabble news May 13
Andrea Germanos | Bill McKibben: "The only question now is whether the relentless rise in carbon can be matched by a relentless rise in the activism necessary to stop it."
rabble news May 13
LNG tanker. (Photo: http://www.e-know.ca/)
Roger Annis | "Given the current level of extraction of shale gas and the required power to export these fossil fuels, we're looking at carbon pollution levels that exceed Alberta's tar sands."
rabble news May 12
Charles Davis, Jodie Evans | Join us in calling on Michelle Obama to open her heart to the cries of Abdurahman's mother and ask Barack to send those cleared home and to expedite the closing of Guantanamo.
profile May 11
Harrison Samphir | On May 2, 2011, the day of Canada's last federal election, close to 2 million young people avoided the polls. Remarkably, this number accounted for a meagre 37.4 per cent of Canadians aged 18-24.
in their own words May 10
A tar sands tailings pond in Alberta. (Photo: NWFblogs/ Flickr)
James Hansen | The common presumption that President Obama is going to approve the Keystone XL pipeline is wrong, in my opinion.
arts/media May 10
Samantha Sarra | With unprecedented access inside Takhar Prison in Afghanistan, filmmaker Nima Sarvestani takes us on a compelling journey in his documentary No Burqas Behind Bars.
opinion May 10
Eric Doherty | Framing things as a "jobs versus environment" issue does not hold much water anymore; the biggest threat to livelihoods in B.C. now is the carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels.
politics May 9
Crysbel Tejada, Betsy Catlin | In January, Casey Camp-Horinek traveled the route of the proposed pipeline and her people's Trail of Tears to Pickstown, S.D., for an international treaty gathering called Protect the Sacred.
politics May 9
Photo: http://viedecirque.files.wordpress.com/
Dave Coles | In the latest example of their 'whatever business wants' attitude, the Conservatives are unwilling to lift a finger in support of 1000 workers recently locked out by U.S. Steel in Nanticoke.
opinion May 8
Peter Goffin | Hipster Harper, with its photo of a young Stephen Harper in plaid shirt and shaggy hair, is both amusing and troubling.
opinion May 8
Graphic from Tanker Free BC.
Rex Weyler | If American billionaire Richard Kinder, gets his way, oil tanker traffic will increase to some 400 tankers per year through Vancouver's Burrard Inlet.
rabble series May 8
Nick Boisvert, Jessica Ellis, Ben Forrest, Mekhala Gunaratne, Kaanayo Nwachukwu | A look at what citizen journalism can tell us about citizen science.
opinion May 7
A memorial for vicitms of Norway's 2011 massacre.
Matt Moir | It's important to look at how Stephen Harper and the federal Conservatives have responded so far, and what further action they might take in the future.
opinion May 7
Nik Beeson | Joe Oliver, Canada's Natural Resource Minister, has decided that this is an opportune moment to launch a broadside against one of the world's foremost climate scientists, James Hansen.