rabble news April 29
Photo: Parkdale libararians Miranda Huska and Portia Dodds in action
Teuila Fuatai | Library workers prepare for a looming strike deadline on Monday May 2 as key issues like job security and funding are negotiated this weekend. Teuila Fuatai spoke with two workers about the situation.
rabble news April 28
Photo: flickr/iwishmynamewasmarsha
Teuila Fuatai | Workers across Canada and around the world today stand united in the fight for better health and safety in the workplace.
briefly April 27
Alyse Kotyk | "uOttawa has achieved something historic." On Monday, the University of Ottawa became the first Canadian university to commit to fossil fuel divestment.
analysis April 27
Photo: flickr/antefixus21
Chavon Niles, Ilaneet Goren | Denying people with disabilities the right to live in Canada reinforces the stereotype that disability is a "burden." We need to change this rhetoric and exclusion.
rabble series April 27
Anita Nickerson, Antony Hodgson | What do you need to know about implementing proportional representation in Canada? Well for starters, the main differences between Single Transferable Vote (STV) and Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP).
rabble news April 26
Photo: flickr/· · · — — — · · ·
Teuila Fuatai | In part two of her investigation into sheltered workshop programs exploiting intellectually disabled adults in Canada, Teuila Fuatai looks at what is next for the programs and those involved.
rabble news April 26
Photo: flickr/End Immigration Detention Network
Alyse Kotyk | Nearly 80 detainees staged a hunger strike at the Lindsay, Ontario facility to protest immigration detention and inhumane treatment as indefinite detention remains in Canada.
rabble news April 22
Lenée Son | Vancouver #OccupyINAC has vowed to stay at the INAC office until the federal government meets the demands of the Attawapiskat Youth Council. On April 19 a rally in support of #OccupyINAC was held.
rabble news April 22
Photo: flickr/Tony Webster
Teuila Fuatai | The proposed labour law amendments under Bill 24 that would have affected collective bargaining rights was shelved this month after a successful campaign by New Brunswick unions.
modest proposal April 22
Photo: flickr/Angela Rutherford
Andrew Dilevics | As population and industries (not to mention corporate greed) continue to increase, the world's oceans are at risk. Here's what you can do today to help decrease ocean pollution.
rabble news April 21
Rapper Nathan Baya and former PMAA instructor Omar Sanchez on the music video se
Teuila Fuatai | Last Thursday the SRRA staff voted to decertify the union in its workplace, which previously included the now-shuttered PMAA, a creative space for local youth.
rabble news April 20
Photo: flickr/Environmental Defence Canada
Keith Scott | The Chippewas of the Thames First Nation is considering filing an injunction against Enbridge's Line 9 to stop the company profiting off tar sands oil while the two camps are engaged in litigation.
rabble news April 19
Lenée Son | On April 17 Black Lives Matter Vancouver gathered for its first event to bring awareness to and protest anti-Black racism in the city. Check out this stunning photo essay of the event!
rabble news April 15
Photo: flickr/PROKenny Louie
Cory Collins | Sweeping cuts by the Liberal government will have a deep impact across the province's entire society.
rabble news April 15
Amber Slegtenhorst stands out in black while rallying for workers' rights. Suppl
Teuila Fuatai | Teuila Fuatai spoke with minimum-wage workers across Canada about their job conditions and the fight for $15 and fairness in Canada.
rabble news April 14
Photo: Idle No More Toronto Facebook page
Alyse Kotyk | Idle No More protesters and allies are occupying Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada offices in Toronto and Winnipeg in solidarity with the Attawapiskat community to demand action.
rabble interview April 13
Photo: flickr/Howl Arts Collective
Paul Weinberg | Gordon Laxer knows Canadian petro politics. In this interview, Laxer discusses Canada's dependency on fossil fuels, the economic situation in Alberta and how to tackle climate change.
rabble series April 13
Photo: flickr/Laurel L. Russwurm
Alyse Kotyk | Leadnow, Fair Vote Canada and the Every Voter Counts Alliance all call on Canadians to push for an electoral system of proportional representation. Can they make it happen?
modest proposal April 12
Art by Andrei Venal, April 1 2016
Chaya Ocampo Go | Filipino-Canadian grassroots organizations and their supporters respond to the violence against Filipino farmers.
rabble news April 12
Photo: flickr/NCDOTcommunications
Teuila Fuatai | Thousands of intellectually disabled adults in Canada are earning less than $2 an hour under sheltered workshop programs. Teuila Fuatai investigates the situation.
modest proposal April 8
Kathleen Copps | The Free Omar Khadr Committee has launched a letter-writing campaign that calls on the Canadian government to finally fully address our obligation to Omar Khadr.
rabble news April 8
Alyse Kotyk | Combatting Islamophobia in media was the focus of a panel discussion in Vancouver. Urooba Jamal, Itrath Syed and Sunera Thobani shared their firsthand experiences and solutions on how to move forward.
rabble news April 8
Photo: flickr/ David Robert Bliwas
Teuila Fuatai | The federal government's exemption to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program fails to fix underlying problems around unsustainable business practices and workers' rights, argue workers' groups.
arts/media April 7
Photo: The Shore Break
David Chudnovsky | "The Shore Break" is the award-winning documentary film that tells the tale of the Pondo people and their opposition to the titanium-mining proposal. A fascinating film that opens Friday in Vancouver!
rabble news April 7
Riad Sabbagh and wife Ibtisam Chabouk
Teuila Fuatai | Union-sponsored Syrian refugee families waiting for immigration clearance could be settled in Canada by the end of the year following a recent decision to restart application processing.
rabble interview April 7
Image: Megaphone Magazine
Alyse Kotyk | rabble spoke with Megaphone Executive Director, Sean Condon, about its recent report on homeless deaths in B.C. and what can be done, especially by the provincial government, to end homelessness.
rabble news April 6
Photo: flickr/ Mike Gabelmann
Alyse Kotyk | In a decision announced Tuesday, the B.C. Supreme Court refused to grant the Province of B.C. an injunction against SuperIntent City campers.
rabble series April 6
Photo: flickr/ liz west
Stuart Parker | The voting reform debate in Canada is full of confusing and nonsensical statements about proportional representation. And that's intentional. But here's the truth!
analysis April 5
Photo: flickr/ UN Women
Amira Elghawaby | Amira Elghawaby reports back with a snapshot of the Broadbent 2016 Progress Summit including Gloria Steinem's keynote speech, the need for intersectionality, and xenophobia in Canada.
rabble news April 4
David Gray-Donald | Divest McGill and its supporters have been actively applying pressure to the university to divest from fossil fuels. Alumni returned diplomas and withheld financial donations during a week of action.