Jul 27
Nurses keep watch for health care as premiers, prime minister meet in Halifax
A banner in Halifax this week, as nurses keep watch for health care as premiers, prime minister meet in Halifax.
Jul 26
Vic Toews is stalling -- again -- when it comes to bringing Omar Khadr back to Canada. The Minister's reasons don't hold up to scrutiny.
Jul 25
As violence continues to escalate in Syria, Maher Arar looks at the historical context of this conflict.
Jul 25
Dr. Ryan Meili on the future of medicare in Canada.
With premiers set to focus on health care at their Halifax meetings this week, we bring you an interview with Dr. Ryan Meili on the future of medicare in Canada.
Jul 24
Activists with used crime scene tape to make a point this morning at the Interna
Activists with used crime scene tape to make a point this morning at the International AIDS conference.
Jul 23
A rally against the Enbridge pipeline, earlier this year in Vancouver. (Photo: S
Based on their latest announcements, it's not clear the B.C. government and Enbridge have really got the message: no pipeline means no pipeline.
Jul 23
The front of another 'mega manif' in Montreal, Sunday, July 22. (Photo: xddorox)
'Out with the neo-liberals' was the theme of Sunday's 'mega manif' in Montreal. Organizers estimate 80,000 marched.
Jul 20
Election officials at the Assembly of First Nations oversaw three rounds of voting for the national chief. (Photo: Ben Powless)
The Assembly of First Nations has completed its annual meeting in Toronto. Shawn Atleo was elected to a second term as national chief.
Jul 19
B'nai Brith tried to stonewall Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) from marching in the Toronto Pride Parade. This effort by the 'thought police' failed.
Jul 18
A sign at the December 4, 2010 Rally for Public Healthcare at the Alberta Legislature.(Photo:  dave.cournoyer / flickr)
Today is a National Day of Action against the federal government walking away from the 2014 Health Accord negotiating table and effectively downloading much of the responsibility for health care.
Jul 17
Protest against drone attacks. (Photo:  Syracuse Peace Council / flickr)
It's another "Terror Tuesday," the day when Obama and his national security team gather to handpick the next alleged national security threats to be executed by remote control.
Jul 16
Photo: Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa
Resolute Forest Products began logging near Poigan Bay, Quebec last Tuesday without proper community consultation or informed consent.
Jul 13
Photo: howlmontreal / flickr
Red squares are popping up all over Canada this summer. This week Quebec student leaders are touring Ontario to spread student solidarity.
Jul 12
By popular demand rabble.ca has once again put together a "best of" book featuring highlights from the previous year.
Jul 11
Protesters have been demanding the expulsion of South American Silver from Bolivia. (Photo: http://www.jornadanet.com/)
After weeks of protests, which included one death, the Bolivian government has announced it will nationalize a Canadian-owned mining project in Mallku Khota.
Jul 10
Photo: TheFutureIsUnwritten / flickr
These are dark times for science and democracy in Canada. There will be a mock funeral procession on Parliament Hill today to protest cuts to scientific programs and the muzzling of scientists.
Jul 9
#YoSoy132 and other social movements organized massive protests across Mexico this weekend.  (Photo: Latino Rebels)
This weekend in Mexico, #YoSoy132 and other social movements organized massive protests against corruption and electoral irregularities.
Jul 6
Bev Oda will no longer be representing Canada abroad. (Photo: http://trilbypolitics.wordpress.com/)
Bev Oda has resigned as Minister of International Development. Green Party leader Elizabeth May argues that she's been thrown under the bus by Harper.
Jul 5
The core vision of the Harper government comes through loud and clear in this unauthorized message.
Jul 4
July 4, 2011. Activists on board the Tahrir, which was prevented from sailing by the Greek authorities. (Photo: Tahrir.ca)
One year ago today, the Canadian Boat to Gaza was denied free passage by the Greek coast guard. Israel continues to refuse to return the ship, the Tahrir, so activists are turning to legal action.
Jul 3
The latest Conservative attack ads, aimed this time at Thomas Mulcair and the NDP, are pretty much business as usual for Canadian neo-Cons.
Jul 1
This Canada Day long weekend, support media by and about communities fighting for change.
Jun 29
The Conservative government expects to save $0.59 per capita in costs through cuts to refugee health care that go into effect Saturday.
Jun 28
Photo: André Pichette (Quebecprotest.com)
Lawyers have held protests like this against Charest's Bill 78. After a court turned down an emergency injunction yesterday, student leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois spoke to rabble about the decision.
Jun 27
Photo: John Bonnar.
On Tuesday afternoon, Mohammad Mahjoub and his supporters stood outside the CSIS Toronto region office building to mark 12 years of detention without charge.
Jun 26
A protest against the KeystoneXL pipeline, September 2011 on Parliament Hill. (Photo: tarsandsaction / flickr)
Now more than ever, it's going to take movement-building actions, like this one last year against tar sands pipelines, to stop Harper's agenda.
Jun 25
Ta'Kaiya Blaney singing at a rally earlier this year in Vancouver. (Photo: Forest Ethics)
Ta'Kaiya Blaney took the message of opposition to the Enbridge pipeline all the way to last week's Rio+20 Summit in Brazil.
Jun 24
Join us for a conversation with Kevin Chong on his novel Beauty Plus Pity. (Photo: Jeff Vinnick, Globe and Mail)
Jun 23
Montreal, June 22. (Photo: André Pichette)
For the fourth straight month, the 22nd saw a mega march in Montreal, as 100,000 rallied for Quebec students and against the Charest government.
Jun 22
Photo: ScottMontreal / flickr
People of all ages all across Canada, in over 100 locations, will be banging pots and pans in solidarity with another mass rally today in Quebec.