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Asia Pacific Currents May 18
Interview with Au Loong Yu, editor of the China Labour Net website, who provided an analysis of the outcome of the Hong Kong dockworkers' strike and the broader political context.
Progressive Voices May 17
Operation Shut it Down
Ange Guenard of Marineland Animal Defense speaks to the Opening Day Demonstration at Marineland this Saturday, May 18, 2013.
Talking Radical Radio May 15
Four organizers with Mad Pride Toronto talk about what it means to celebrate the struggles, arts, culture and heritage of people who have experienced the mental health system.
Democracy North May 14
David Ball and Irwin Oostindie speak with The Tyee's legislative bureau chief about today's election and the recent Health Ministry's firings.
Democracy North May 14
David Ball and Irwin Oostindie on the B.C. election, government transparency and access to information.
Redeye May 14
Earlier this year France began a military involvement in the West African nation of Mali. Last month the French parliament voted to extend their involvement.
Needs No Introduction May 14
A panel discussion presented as part of the CounterCulture Speaker Series and run by the Media Democracy Project, looks at what's missing in the coverage of the B.C. election.
Alternatives Podcast May 14
A\J Alternatives Journal podcast logo
Daryn Caister interviewed author Giles Slade and artist Franke James. Excerpts of each of their new books are featured in the May/June 2013 issue of A\J.
Redeye May 13
Nestlé has reached an agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Environment that it will not face restrictions on its water use even during a drought.
Redeye May 13
Two weeks ago a delegation from Manitoba traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to urge the United Nations to challenge Canada’s record on the human right to water.
Democracy North May 13
Canadian Press photo
A 2013 provincial election podcast of the best interviews, headlines & music with the candidates & commentators on Media Mornings daily news hour.
Democracy North May 13
Jane Bouey and Mayaan Kreitzman speak with NDP MLA Mable Elmore about the upcoming B.C. election.
Redeye May 13
The vast majority of prisoners in Guatanamo are now on hunger strike in protest against their continued detention without charge or trial. Some have been on hunger strike for three months.
Redeye May 13
Meaghan Champion is S'amuna' of the Cowichan tribes. She's the founder of a new currency that is circulating in the Victoria area.
Democracy North May 13
Vote-splitting, democratic choice and electoral reform. Natural gas fracking supported by Liberals and NDP. Who will defend the coast?
Democracy North May 12
Investigative reporter, journalist and filmmaker Sean Holman talks about his new doc, "Whipped: The Secret World of Party Discipline." Interviewed by David P. Ball.
Democracy North May 12
Vancouver's former mayor talks about legalizing marijuana, his past conflicts with Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Party campaign. Interviewed by David P. Ball.
Democracy North May 12
B.C.'s first elected independent candidate since 1949 talks about democratic reform and representative politics.
Democracy North May 12
A CCPA-BC Economist and Public Interest Researcher talks about the economy, the living wage and affordable child care in the election run-up. Interviewed by Jane Bouey and Mayaan Kreitzman.
Democracy North May 12
BC Conservative candidate and punk rocker, a.k.a. "Duane Chaos," talks about libertarianism, green energy and party discipline. Interviewed by David P. Ball on May 9.
Aw@l May 12
Goose on the Spur Line
From the May 3 edition of AW@L Radio: CN rail poisons, Porter air bullies, elites hide money offshore and spies share our secrets. So we rob banks, clog the pipes, stop fracking, save bees!
Redeye May 11
Micha Peled has produced three connected films that put a human face on complex issues that result from global economic forces. His trilogy shows in Vancouver this coming weekend.
Democracy North May 10
Derrick O'Keefe interviews Spencer Chandra Herbert, NDP MLA for Vancouver-West End on Media Mornings.
Redeye May 10
Over a thousand workers died in the recent collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh. We speak with labour activist David Bacon about the historical context of the sweatshop industry.
Progressive Voices May 10
Hands Off Syria
Ken Stone provides a comprehensive overview of both the situation on the ground in Syria as well as the geopolitics of the region.
Living On Purpose May 9
No Tankers
The British Columbia election is a few days away on May 14, 2013, and the focus of Dogwood Initiative is on one campaign: No Tankers.
Democracy North May 9
Tyee reporter Allison Griner and Indigenous activist Chris Bose discuss the Ajax Mine proposal as an election issue.
Democracy North May 8
MLA, Shane Simpson, on social housing, mental health and addiction, the DTES and the upcoming B.C. election.
Talking Radical Radio May 8
Tamara Lorincz on her campaign against the federal expenditure of $25 billion to build warships in Halifax rather than to meet pressing environmental and social justice needs.
Citizen Science May 8
What are the differences and the similarities between citizen science and citizen journalism?