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rabble radio April 18
Eighteen years old already?  Happy Birthday rabble!
If rabble was a person, she could vote! rabble staffers share thoughts about what we should be thinking about now that we're all grown up.
Talking Radical Radio April 15
Supporting refugees in a small Quebec border town
Frances Ravensbergen talks about the migrant justice group Bridges Not Borders, based in a small Quebec town near an irregular border crossing commonly used by refugees entering Canada from the U.S.
rabble radio April 12
'A New Kind of Union' - new book explores the first five years in the history of Unifor. Photo provided by James Lorimer and Company
Fred Wilson played a major role in the creation of Unifor. In his new book, he reflects on the first five years of one of Canada's newest unions' often turbulent history.
RadioLabour April 12
OFL Power Of Many campaign
RadioLabour's Canada Report April 12-19, 2019 -- Ontario unions are planning an Anti-Ford Day of Action, Google's employees are fighting for temp workers, and more.
face2face April 10
Robin Bicknell talks about her film 'The Genetic Revolution'
Robin Bicknell talks to David Peck talk about her film "The Genetic Revolution," our complex genetic relationships and the ethical issues around tampering with our genetic makeup.
The Hum Podcast April 10
Spencer West, motivational speaker and disability rights activist
Spencer West talks about growing up in Wyoming as a gay man living with a disability, the need to make Toronto more accessible, and that time he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.
Talking Radical Radio April 9
Building the skills of social movement organizers
Peter Gibbs talks about Organize BC, an group devoted to building the capacities of people fighting for social and environmental justice in western Canada.
Needs No Introduction April 5
John Clarke at Alberta Public Library
John Clarke, recently retired co-founder of Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, traveled to Alberta to help strategize against the UCP agenda. Listen to a talk he gave on March 27, 2019.
RadioLabour April 5
Jason MacLean
RadioLabour's Canada report April 5-12, 2019 -- health care in Nova Scotia is in a crisis, corporate lobbyists are fighting pharmacare, and more.
face2face April 4
Brian Goldman on The Power of Kindness, Healthcare and Compassion
Brian Goldman talks to Face2Face host David Peck about his book "The Power of Kindness," health care and shame, threats and anxiety, the big reveal, bonding with others and why empathy is a choice.
Talking Radical Radio April 2
Alyse Stuart and Keith Dunne talk about the Fight for $15 and Fairness -- Newfoundland and Labrador.
Asia Pacific Currents April 2
The port of Jakarta at night. Photo: Argo Sakurai/Flickr
More and more, workers have to join to fight global companies. Dockworkers around the Asia Pacific region are fighting against Hutchinson ports together.
RadioLabour March 29
Steel and aluminum tariffs
RadioLabour's March 29 to April 5 report: USW's Ken Neumann on Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs, unions helping refugees in Lebanon, and more.
radio book lounge March 27
Mount Denali
Former war journalist Dahr Jamail switches focus from military conflict to the effects of climate change and discovers harsh truths about our mountains, coral reefs, our oceans and forests.
The Hum Podcast March 27
Jeremy Dutcher, award-winning Wolastoqiyik musician
Jeremy Dutcher joins The Hum to discuss reconciliation vs revitalization, the role music has in keeping Indigenous languages alive, and changing misconceptions about Scorpios.
Asia Pacific Currents March 27
Indian workers fighting back
The upcoming general elections in India are allowing workers to put forward their own demands against the far right BJP government of President Modi.
Talking Radical Radio March 26
Estelle Davis talks about Taking What We Need, a solidarity fund created by and for trans women living in Montreal.
RadioLabour March 22
RadioLabour Canada’s Country Report for the week March 22-29, 2019
On RadioLabour for March 22-29 - Karen Campbell of the ETFO talks about the UN's Commission on the Status of Women conference, and a call by a young activist with autism for action on climate change.
rabble radio March 21
The parents of the late Rob Stewart reflect on his legacy to help us understand sharks and stop shark finning
Bill S-238 is before Parliament to end shark finning. An interview with Brian Stewart and Sandra Campbell about their late son's films and his commitment to end the exploitation of sharks.
Talking Radical Radio March 19
David Lester - radical music, graphic history, and the Winnipeg General Strike
David Lester talks about his decades of combining radical politics with music -- including as half of a rock duo -- and art, and about 1919: A Graphic History of the Winnipeg General Strike.
Asia Pacific Currents March 19
How free are the upcoming Thai elections?
The current Thai military government has engineered the upcoming national elections so that it will retain power even with a national vote.
RadioLabour March 15
Unions fight surge to privatize Ontario's health care - RadioLabour's Canada Report for the week March 15 to 22, 2019
Also on RadioLabour this week: domestic workers from the Philippines struggle for respect and fair pay, the LabourStart report and singing. Who does the work? We do!
radio book lounge March 14
'Orange Chinook - Politics in the New Alberta'
The writ will be dropped any time now for the 2019 Alberta election. A new book explores the historic 2015 win of the NDP and the decades of politics that preceded it.
The Hum Podcast March 13
Julie Francoeur, Executive Director of FairTrade
Julie Francoeur of Fairtrade Canada talks about how people get caught up in slavery, how it finds itself in nearly everything we own, and ways to address this ever-growing dilemma.
Talking Radical Radio March 12
Building tenant power in Ottawa's Herongate neighbourhood
Tammy Mast and Kenneth Aliu talk about the Herongate Tenant Coalition's fight against mass evictions, chronic disrepair, rent increases, and gentrification.
Asia Pacific Currents March 12
International Women's Day redux - the report from Australia
APC was at the 2019 IWD march in Melbourne, Australia and brings you some speeches from Aboriginal women and the issues that they are facing.
rabble radio March 8
Dmitri Lascaris in Caracas, Venezuela
Canadian activist, journalist and lawyer Dimitri Lascaris was in Venezuela in February, talking to people with varying opinions about the causes of the current crisis. He talks about what he heard.
RadioLabour March 8
Why women need to join unions now - Marie Clarke Walker
CLC Secretary Treasurer Marie Clarke Walker says "Join a union!" -- an epic attempt at global equal pay for work of equal value; and the LabourStart report about union events.
face2face March 6
Broken Families, Child Welfare and the new film Next of Kin
"Next of Kin" is a detective story in which the goal is not to catch a killer but to save a life. But what if one family connection could alter their future? Nadine Pequeneza talks about her film.
Talking Radical Radio March 5
Defending reproductive rights in Alberta
The 1988 Supreme Court Decision legalizing abortion in Canada made history, but Alberta Pro-Choice Coalition board member Kathy Dawson says there is still a long way to go 31 years later.