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Needs No Introduction August 17
Connecting Climate Change to Social Change Panel
Climate Change isn't just about economics and science. It's about our entire way of life. This panel from the 5th Annual Tommy Douglas Institute explores the connections.
face2face August 15
Image: Tanya Cothran. Used with permission
Tanya Cothran and David Peck talk about mutual trust, Smart Risks, peace-building, mattresses, innovation and a grassroots manifesto for change.
Talking Radical Radio August 15
TRACX is a project of OPIRG which leverages expertise and resources that are available in the university context to help communities and grassroots organizations.
Asia Pacific Currents August 15
Image: Anganwadi women workers checking children's health
Tens of thousands of women have being on strike for over 45 days demanding that they be employed as regular workers and receive the benefits that they are entitled to.
face2face August 9
Chris and Face2Face host David Peck talk about engaged Buddhism, Cambodia, power and politics, photographs as symbols and hope.
Talking Radical Radio August 8
Dorian Jesse Fraser talks about the Queer Between the Covers book fair and distro.
Asia Pacific Currents August 8
Image: Garment workers marching for their rights and against the Race to the Bottom. Credit: Derek Blackadder/flickr
The garment sector in Bangladesh is characterized by low wages, unsafe working conditions, repression against labour activists which all lead to accident and deaths in the workplace.
gooderGoods August 3
Image:  Kelly Okamura
Filipinos abroad send $2 billion+/month back home. Social entrepreneurs create help the poor by giving more than a hand-down. Global markets can help in conscious consumption.
rabble radio August 2
Heather Majaury and Myrriah Gomez-Majaury
The issue of identity can be difficult for people of mixed Indigenous and settler heritage. With Braden Alexander, Heather Majaury, Myrriah Gomez-Majaury about integrating those two solitudes.
face2face August 1
Kelita and Face2Face host David Peck talk about country music, trauma, suicide, resilience, and the importance of story telling, listening and how we can break the “cycle”.
Talking Radical Radio August 1
modified for use in this post was created by Jerry Thistle with permission of
Julia Smith and Sean Carleton talk about the Graphic History Collective and its 'Remember Resist Redraw' poster project.
Asia Pacific Currents July 28
An interview with Manrico Moro, campaign coordinator of the International Committee of the Global Picket Line about working to organize workers more effectively at an international level.
face2face July 25
Image: Heather White. Used with permission.
In 'Complicit', Heather White exposes the ongoing abuses of workers' right in Chinese megafactories. She talks with host David Peck about activist Yi Yeting and the only ones who can force change.
Asia Pacific Currents July 24
Image: Wikipedia
Violence at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is one of the latest crisis in the Israeli occupation of Palestine. With Reem Unis, Palestinian social activist from Australia.
Needs No Introduction July 20
Image: Public domain
Now that the Americans are on the brink of reopening NAFTA, a spirited debate about the idea of free trade, from the Press Progress Summit in April 2017.
face2face July 18
Image: Vaden Earle. Used with permission.
There are many who credit the rise of 'voluntourism' to humanitarian and motivational speaker Vaden Earle. He talks to David Peck about his ability to release vision and purpose in others.
Talking Radical Radio July 18
Image: modified for use in this post was taken by Susie Shapiro and is used with permission.
Five participants give a behind-the-scenes look at the Reoccupation ceremony that challenged and unsettled Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations on Parliament Hill.
Asia Pacific Currents July 17
Image: Advertising for Cambrew-produced beer. Credit: Wikirictor/ Wikimedia Commons
Carlsberg is one of the world's biggest beer companies in the world. Cambodian workers are taking on its local subsidiary Cambrew.
radio book lounge July 13
Kevin MacKay
Kevin MacKay says there are now five horsemen of the apocalypse, not four. In his new book, he tells us what they are and looks at some big problems and radical solutions.
face2face July 11
Josh Freed on Line Regret, Occupied Time and his new film The Taming of the Cue
Have you ever had 'line regret'? Josh Freed and Face2Face host David Peck talk about what that is. Hint: think of the last time you waited in line for concert tickets.
Talking Radical Radio July 11
Teghan Barton talks about the Hillside Music Festival's increasing emphasis in 2017 on music of protest and resistance.
Asia Pacific Currents July 10,_Canberra_003.JPG
The continued exploitation of Aboriginal workers in Australia has led the national trade union centre, the ACTU, to develop a new campaign to support Aboriginal workers.
gooderGoods July 6
Canadian International Wine Product of Canada
Now that Canada is mid-way through the sesquicentennial Confederation year parade, goodergoods asks the question -- do our souvenirs represent Canadian values?
Rabbledocs July 6
Guatemalan streetscape - Victoria Fenner
A documentary by Carlos Tello and Aurora Tejeida exploring one woman's experience of the Guatemalan Civil War many years after it was over.
face2face July 5
Zaradasht Ahmed on perspective and the Iraq occupation
Zaradasht Ahmed and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his award winning film about the occupation of Iraq as seen through the eyes of an Iraqi nurse.
Talking Radical Radio July 4
Eastern arm of Burrard Inlet from Burnaby Mountain
Holly Andersen and Rudy Reimer talk about growing resistance among residents of Burnaby Mountain to the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline and tank farm expansion.
Asia Pacific Currents July 3
Wikimedia: Jakarta Farmers Protest
Two Australian labour activists talk about challenges that Indonesian workers face when organizing. With Bob Carnegie of the Maritime Union of Australia and labour activist Jeff Rickertt.
rabble radio June 29
Image: Victoria Fenner
The world is changed when we all work together. But how do we do that? A look at ways to organize people at the national, provincial and local levels.
face2face June 28
Image: Nathan Fitch. Used with permission
Nathan Fitch and David Peck talk about war, colonialism, family, community, second-class citizens and much more in Fitch's new film 'Island Soldier'.
Talking Radical Radio June 27
The image modified for use in this post is used with permission of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.
Sandeep Prasad and Frédérique Chabot talk about the work of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.