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Redeye June 16
In his new book author Yves Engler tackles the myth that Canadian governments act as a force for good in the world.
Redeye June 15
With the collapse of major multilateral free trade agreements like the WTO, country-to-country trade and investment agreements have proliferated.
Aw@l June 13
Interviews, speeches, and attacks by police, the 2009 CANSEC arms bazaar protests in ottawa
Redeye June 12
Robert Jensen's new book All My Bones Shake tells the story of his return to the church after an entire adulthood of religious indifference.
Stark Raven: Prison Justice June 12
Interview with Hugh Brody, director of The Meaning of Life
Stark Raven: Prison Justice June 12
Dennis Sobin talks about a new exhibit featuring pano art - an artform created by prisoners.
I Read The News Today, Oh Boy! June 11
What's with the right wing thing? The EU elections have some real right wingers, England has a neo-nazi and right wing domestic terrorists in the U.S are shooting people.
Stark Raven: Prison Justice June 11
Michael Flynn of the Global Detention Project finds out how many migrants are put in prison worldwide
Redeye June 11
There are 42 different bike sub-cultures in Vancouver according to Toby Barratt. He's one of the curators of a big new exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver.
Needs No Introduction June 10
Jimmy Hoffa Jr, the General president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, addresses the 10th Teamster Convention in Ottawa.
rabble radio June 10
In this episode of rabble radio: Forum on Canadian Mining, net neutrality and the labour movement, research ethics, and a few tunz in the meantime.
Needs No Introduction June 10
Jane Taber addresses Teamster 10th Convention in Ottawa
Redeye June 10
Social workers in B.C. have such heavy caseloads and so few resources that they can do little for the families who need help.
Needs No Introduction June 9
An Internet Townhall event at the Gladstone Tavern in Toronto, Ontario on June 8 organized by
Redeye June 9
Ed Mead was imprisoned in the 1970s for his actions with the George Jackson Brigade, a radical group which blew up public buildings and robbed banks.
Aw@l June 9
The Waterloo Moraine is an important ecological formation which is under threat of sprawling and unsustainable development.
Prosecast June 9
Don't Miss Filthy Lucre: Joseph Heath's new book about Economics for People Who Hate Capitalism
Living On Purpose June 7
Harvey Drdul and Lynn Thompson meet at 6:30am in Nanaimo at the Sunrisers Club for a Radio Interview speech.
The Ruckus June 6
We find out what Kevan Staples has been doing since split-up of Canadian pop legends, Rough Trade
Redeye June 6
NDP MP Bill Siksay has introduced a bill to allow Canadians to register as conscientious objectors and divert their tax money away from the military.
The F Word June 6
Amanda Chalmers and Nicole Deagan speak with Victor Malarek about his new book “The Johns: Sex For Sale and the Men Who Buy It.”
Aw@l June 5
Anarchists Sell Books!!! A discussion with Hamilton Anarchist Bookfair Organizer Alex Diceanu
Redeye June 5
Portland to Vancouver, Montreal to Boston -- these are just two of the trips that would make a lot more sense in a train.
The Ruckus June 4
Kevin brings you his feature interview with Bif Naked, and we talk about her new record, surviving breast cancer, and her love of Celine.
Redeye June 4
19 environmentalists cycled 1300km from Waterton Park to the tar sands. Jodi Martinson made a low-budget film about their trip from the back of her bicycle.
Stark Raven: Prison Justice June 3
Mo Korchinski talks about Post Incarceration Syndrome - one of the leading reasons newly released prisoners end up back in jail
Needs No Introduction June 3
Dr. John Agnew, President of the American Association of Geographers delivers the keynote address to the Canadian Association of Geographers.
Redeye June 2
The Koffler Centre of the Arts commissioned an installation from Toronto artist Reena Katz then withdrew support when they found out she supported Israel Apartheid Week.
Redeye June 2
A new documentary says that Stephen Harper's government broke the refugee system so they that could say they had to fix it.
Reel Women June 1
Durham County and Mamma Mia - Two Very Different Entertainment Vehicles Built By All Female Teams