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Green Majority Radio February 13
What We Learned From The Tea Party
Interviews with Matthew Klippenstein, chemical engineer turned renewable energy consultant, who chronicles the Canadian electric vehicle market.
gooderGoods February 11
provided by Jody Steinhauer
In this Valentine message to buyers, Kelly Okamura talks with Jody Steinhauer about bargain buying over the years; how to make purchases that add value and help people with real needs.
radio book lounge February 9
Winter fishing on ice of Assynoibain & Red River
The histories of Indigenous communities and European explorers contain stories that have been lost in history. A new book presented by Sébastien Malette seeks out the forgotten stories.
Green Majority Radio February 8
Corporations: For better or worse
New court decision against Monsanto building in California. Also a new breakthrough in flexible, printable solar cells could help bring cheap renewable energy to 1.3 billion people.
face2face February 8
Adam Sneyd on Cotton, Globalization and Clothing Poverty.
Adam talks about his book Cotton, its empire, commodities and politics, "clothing poverty" and anti-globalization and why we need to be concerned about how the world works.
Talking Radical Radio February 8
Dmitri Vitaliev talks about, a Montreal-based organization that works on digital security issues for social movements and human rights groups.
gooderGoods February 6
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Kelly Okamura responds to the new White House dress code for female staff, explores the hashtag #dresslikeawoman, and gives style advice for the astrological yin year of the Chinese Fire Chicken.
Redeye February 1
Image: Flickr/Province of British Columbia
Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch says British Columbia's rules on political donations amount to a system of legalized bribery. The province's conflict of interest commissioner doesn't agree.
face2face February 1
Robert Osborne talks about addiction, making choices and the Fentanyl epidemic.
Robert and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his new film "Unstoppable," addiction, making choices and the fentanyl epidemic in Canada.
Talking Radical Radio February 1
Meg Crane talks about a Winnipeg-based grassroots ecofeminist publication called Cockroach Zine.
rabble radio special January 31
Listen in to a press conference by the B.C. Civil Liberties Association featuring legal groups that launched the Islamophobia Legal Assistance Hotline.
Green Majority Radio January 31
International Cooperation In The Age Of Trump
Dr. Hugh Sealy, one of the lead negotiators for the small island states, is our guest to talk about international climate cooperation in the age of Trump.
Redeye January 28
The story we are told about the civil war in Syria is that it's a fight for freedom and democracy against a brutal dictator. Journalist Rick Sterling says this narrative is based on lies and fraud.
rabble radio January 26
Voices from a trio of women's marches on January 21, 2017, starting in Washington, and then moving up to Vancouver and Toronto.
Redeye January 25
Wind turbines under construction
Dozens of anti-wind organizations have sprung up following the imposition of large-scale renewable projects on rural communities. Community-owned power projects could turn that opposition around.
Talking Radical Radio January 25
Lynn Gehl and Lindsay Lambert talk about Ottawa's sacred Chaudiere Falls and associated islands, and the fight to preserve them.
face2face January 25
Julian Baggini on The Edge of Reason, Radical Skepticism & a Post truth Society
Julian and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his new book "The Edge of Reason," radical skepticism, a post-truth society, and why science doesn't have a monopoly on truth.
gooderGoods January 24
Pink sweatshirt
Pink reflections on the Women's March. Pussycat hats and choosing feminist fashion attire.
Green Majority Radio January 23
How to resist Trump(ism)
We discuss ideas for how to resist the incoming Trump inauguration. Stefan shares some ideas sent in to us by listeners. Daryn also suggests some tempting options that you should absolutely NOT do.
radio book lounge January 19
Canadian mining interests in Latin America often claim that they are providing jobs and investing in the local community. But a new book by Todd Gordon and Jeffery R. Webber shows otherwise.
Redeye January 18
Old growth on Vancouver Island
Ninety per cent of the forests on Vancouver Island have been logged. Now the B.C. Chamber of Commerce and the Union of B.C. Municipalities have joined the fight to save the last 10 per cent.
face2face January 18
Elisa Paloschi on her new film Driving with Selvi.
Elisa and Face2Face host David Peck talk about child marriage, being present, staying positive and why Selvi's story is an inspiration to us all.
Talking Radical Radio January 18
Susan Brigham and Cassandra McDonald talk about the Girls 2017 Conference happening in Halifax in March.
WINGS January 17
Pink hat demo photo from
March, strike and flood the streets are three plans for resisting the inauguration. On this show, many voices say (and sing) why and how they have resisted and plan to resist.
Green Majority Radio January 17
Capitalism Itself Choosing Sides
Interview with Nathan Phillips from Boston University about "Sleeping Giants," a Twitter group that is pressuring brands advertising on hate sites like Brietbart.
Redeye January 16
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Tom Varco
A national pharmacare program would save the health-care system billions and improve the health of the one in 10 Canadians who can't afford the medication they are prescribed.
Redeye January 12
Image: Flickr/Tylor Sherman
Jordan Westfall says the hundreds of drug overdose deaths are a legacy of Harper's approach. Westfall is someone who formerly used opioid drugs and wrote his master's thesis on overdose prevention.
Rabbledocs January 12
Rebecca Visser looks at what drives Vancouver-based activists in their fight for climate justice. Produced as part of the "Making Time for Radio" project of Simon Fraser's CJSF Radio.
Talking Radical Radio January 11
Mairi Anderson and Cam McMillan talk about the work of transit advocacy group Bus Riders of Saskatoon.
face2face January 11
Luke Galati on Community, Basketball, Toronto and Gentrification
Luke Galati on community, the changing face of Toronto and gentrification. "Eastern" captures the story of a high school basketball powerhouse but is a story of the changing face of a neighbourhood.