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Asia Pacific Currents October 10
Documentary maker Mahi Ramakrishnan talks about her three documentaries about the Rohingya of Burma.
face2face October 9
Image Copyright: Mouly Surya and Cinesurya. Used with permission.
Mouly Surya and Face2Face host David Peck talk about her new film Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts, multiple possibilities, writing with images, violence, stillness and why women need to fight back.
Needs No Introduction October 5
The full talk by Amy Goodman, host of 'Democracy Now', speaking at a special fundraising event on October 1.
face2face October 4
Image: Robert Schwentke and Opus Films. Used with permission.
Robert Schwentke, Frederick Lau, Max Hubacher and Face2Face host David Peck talk about their new film The Captain, violence from a perpetrator's perspective, and the banality of evil.
Talking Radical Radio October 3
Image: Modified from an original that is used with permission of Black Space Winnipeg.
Alexa Potashnik talks about the work of Black Space Winnipeg.
face2face October 2
Govinda Van Maele, Frederick Lau and Face2Face host David Peck talk about their new film Gutland, irony, cynicism, childhood dreams, fairytales for adults, and why evil doesn’t think its evil.
Asia Pacific Currents October 2
A speech by Murray Horton at a conference of The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network about resisting US military in Australia and New Zealand.
rabble radio September 28
Gerry Caplan - photo by Victoria Fenner
Gerry Caplan, one of Canada's eminent thinkers from the progressive left, shares some thoughts about politics and activism past, present and future.
face2face September 27
Image: Iram Haq and Mer Film. Used with permission.
Iram Haq and Face2Face host David Peck talk about her new film, which covers gender, oppression, family, anger, fear and shame.
Talking Radical Radio September 26
Image: Modified for use in this post and used with the permission of the BC Disability Caucus.
The struggle for disability rights in Canada lags behind many other countries, according to Paul Gilbert and Margo Bok of the BC Disability Caucus.
face2face September 25
Image Copyright: Boudewijn Koole and The Film Kitchen. Used with permission.
Boudewijn Koole and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his new film "Disappearance," looking closer, the wonder and mystery of life, and death as an inspiration.
Asia Pacific Currents September 24
Image: US Department of Defense - Public Domain
Koreans still have a vivid history of the last war in the 1950s. Workers are at the forefront of the efforts to stop another conflict breaking out.
face2face September 20
Matt Embry and Spotlight Productions. Used with permission.
Matt and Face2Face host David Peck talk the film 'Living Proof', about the medical community, multiple sclerosis, science and alternative approaches to health, activism and patient-funded research.
Asia Pacific Currents September 20
Map of Pacific Islands - Wikimedia
Many Pacific workers travel to Australia to work and provide for their families at home. While there is work in Australia, there are also many problems.
Talking Radical Radio September 19
Image: modified for use in this post was taken by Emily Spanton and is used with permission.
Developers want to build houses on a 484-acre wetland in Niagara. They are calling their development "Paradise." We hear from a group which is calling it a travesty.
face2face September 19
Violeta and Face2Face host David Peck talk about Cocaine Prison, freedom, power and politics, the "war on drugs" and Indigenous history and truth.
Rabbledocs September 13
Image: David Kattenburg: Heading Down to see a big old tree. Used with permission.
Today's rabble doc is a 5,000-year-old tree in Al-Walaja in the occupied West Bank and the voices of people who live in a town under siege.
face2face September 12
Emmanuel Gras talks about the film "Makala" showing at TIFF 2017
David Peck talks to Emmanuel Gras about his new award winning film Makala, charcoal, life experience, cosmic materialism and liberalism, capitalism and the beauty of hard work.
Talking Radical Radio September 12
modified for use in this post was taImage: modified for use under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic licence.
Mirtha Rivera and Emily Eaton talk about the campaign to push Regina to make city services accessible to all residents regardless of immigration status.
Asia Pacific Currents September 8
The aviation sector is a global industry that is forever cutting workers wages and conditions. A look at the struggle of Philippines Airlines workers as an example of workers resistance
face2face September 8
Sam and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his new film premiering at TIFF, race relations in America, courage and why Sammy Davis Junior was the greatest entertainer of the 20th century.
rabble radio September 7
How well are our students being prepared to solve the world's problems? Three teachers share their perspectives.
face2face September 5
Wayne Wapeemukwa and LLI films. Used with permission.
Wayne and Face2Face host David Peck talk about "glib patriotism", community as the way to healing, how talent and bravery are connected, love and the importance of "powerful fiction".
Talking Radical Radio September 5
Image: Seligman Performing Arts Centre. Public Domain.
Michele Decottignie and Olivia Marie Golosky talk about Stage Left Productions, theatre of the oppressed, and challenging inequities in the performing arts.
Asia Pacific Currents September 1
While Indonesia is formally a democracy, powerful economic and political interests influence the law towards their interests.
face2face August 29
Image Copyright: Erika Cohn and Three Judges LLC. Used with permission.
Erika and Face2Face host David Peck talk about Shari'a law, gender justice, and life for women in the Middle East, education, power, politics and storytelling.
rabble radio special August 29
Image: Mike Roy - used with permission
On Saturday, August 29, a group of white supremacists decided to hold a rally. And a larger number of anti-white supremacists decided to join them.
Talking Radical Radio August 29
Image:  licensed under Creative Commons and modified by Scott Neigh
Lynne Courchene-Allard and Jean-Paul Allard talk about their human rights complaint against the Ontario Ministry of Education.
Asia Pacific Currents August 25
The so called umbrella protest movement in Hong Kong in 2014 was unprecedented. The latest arrests shows that the Hong Kong government is still trying to suppress it.
rabble radio special August 24
Stop Hate Vigil - Barrie Ontario
Most of the coverage of demonstrations against white supremacy are from big cities. We hear from two small cities -- Barrie and London Ontario