G20 mass arrests

Jun 27, 2011
Rogue page Brigette Depape spoke to the crowd.

G20 inquiry, now!

Nora Loreto
Protesters call for better policing and inquiry...
Jun 24, 2011

G20 one year on: Our streets are still on fire

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
No One is Illegal - Toronto
We supported the week of protests against the G20 in June 2010 because we refused to be silenced, and just as before the G20 came to Toronto, we remain committed to fight back, mobilize, and organize.
Apr 30, 2011

The Jaggi Singh trial from inside the courtroom

Carmelle Wolfson
Carmelle Wolfson was in court as activist Jaggi Singh pleaded guilty to 'counselling to commit mischief ' by calling for the G20 fence in Toronto to be torn down. Guilt lies elsewhere, she believes.


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