Aug 19, 2012
Angela Merkel and Sara Iverson at Dalhousie University.

Berlin wallet: Merkel invests, Harper divests

Christopher Majka
Germany has quintupled renewable energy, exceeded Kyoto targets and is closing nuclear reactors. In Canada renewables have flat-lined and GHG emissions increase. Merkel has invested, Harper divested.
Aug 14, 2012

Europe has a German problem

With Germany occupying the dominant leadership position within the European Union, European economic and political prospects depend on an enlightened Germany: Europe has a German problem.
Jun 6, 2012

Germany shows that renewable is doable

David Suzuki
Germany recently met half its energy needs with solar power and is showing the world that renewable energy is a viable solution.
Book Review
Feb 16, 2012
Book cover: The Red Army Faction

Reflections on Germany's Red Army Faction

Stefan Christoff
Reading news reports on Germany over recent weeks in Montreal, often quick fix articles in the Globe and Mail, has been complemented by a heavy book: The Red Army Faction.
Aug 19, 2011

Mythologies: Money and hyperinflation

Arun DuBois
How to reconcile what we know happened in 1920s Germany (money printing, hyperinflation), with MMT views? After all, MMT theorists tend to downplay worries about "money printing."
Aug 11, 2011

Thoughts on 'Why not print money?'

Marc Lee
Once we start talking about "printing money," the danger is that misunderstandings about what money is get amplified. It is the belief that a colourful piece of paper has a certain value that matters.
Nov 5, 2010

Multiculturalism at its best

Uzma Shakir
German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, claimed recently in a bizarre twist of logic that "multiculturalism" did not work in Germany. Really?


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