Mar 3, 2015
Photo: Jackman Chiu/flickr

Let's not sacrifice freedom out of fear

David Suzuki
We mustn't sacrifice all we have gained out of fear, or give up our hard-won civil liberties for a vague and overreaching law that "undermines more promising avenues of addressing terrorism."
Jul 31, 2014

Lego urged to end partnership with Shell

Shell has had its logo displayed on Lego gas stations and oil tankers for decades. Now there is pressure on Lego to abandon its relationship with the fossil fuel giant.
Dec 16, 2011

Facebook unfriends coal

A Greenpeace victory: After 20 months of mobilizing, agitating and negotiating to green Facebook, this week the Internet giant announced its goal to run on clean, renewable energy.
Sep 14, 2011
'What makes civil disobedience compelling and a cause for the general public to reflect on is the courage of the individual to follow his or her conscience over the law...': Bruce Cox, executive director of Greenpeace Canada.

Greenpeace at 40: Where we are, where we aim to be

Bruce Cox
On our 40th anniversary, we are calling on Canadians to take action against the tar sands, Canada's fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions and the poster child for a world gone crazy.
May 4, 2011
Sakyo Noda on the Rainbow Warrior off the coast of Japan. Photo: Greenpeace

Rainbow Warrior samples waters off Fukushima

Sakyo Noda
Sakyo Noda blogs from the waters near the crippled Fukushima power plants in Japan. Greenpeace is currently complying with government restrictions in testing fish and sea water for radiation.


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