Health for All at Peoples' Social Forum

Aug 23, 2014
University of Ottawa MRT 256
75 Laurier Ave E
Ottawa , ON
45° 25' 4.7604" N, 75° 41' 59.2512" W
Ontario CA
The goal of this interactive workshop is to determine how migrant communities and community organizers can work together to fight for increased access to all services.
Aug 14, 2014
Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr

Underfunding under the guise of 'affordability' in B.C.

rabble staff
Affordability is becoming the new buzzword of the B.C. government. But what does affordability mean for a provincial government? And what are the consequences of not investing in education and health?
Jul 6, 2014
Dr. Cheryl Greenberg

Twelve Canadians -- Cheryl Greenberg

The Green Planet Monitor
Winnipeg physician Cheryl Greenberg sees herself as an advocate for patients suffering from conditions that defy definition.
Jun 26, 2014

Happy and green through degrowth

Degrowth is the new growth. Urban decay may offer a chance to create new environments that activate new forms of productive landscapes increasing health and well-being for city-dwellers.


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