Panel discussion: Islamophobia and the presumption of innocence

Oct 21, 2010
JK Wyllie Board Room, PSAC building
23 Gilmour (at Metcalfe)
Ottawa , ON
45° 24' 56.5308" N, 75° 41' 28.5216" W
Ontario CA
Check out this panel discussion featuring human rights campaigners Matthew Behrens, Monia Mazigh, Rania Tfaily and Yahya Abdul Rahman.
Sep 17, 2010

Books are not sacred

Well, Terry Jones backed off on the Koran burning. So what? Why should any rational person care if someone burns a Koran, or a Bible, the Sears catalogue or a Donald Duck comic book?
Aug 18, 2010

The marginalization of Muslims in America

While the hole at Ground Zero has yet to be filled, as billionaire developers bicker over the plans, the news hole that August brings has been readily filled with the "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy.
Apr 8, 2010

The niqab ban is a feminist issue

The province of Quebec in Canada, in all its infinite wisdom (insert witty sarcastic comment here) has decided to table legislation that would ban the niqab.
Mar 29, 2010

George Orwell is alive: Niqabs banned in Quebec

Uzma Shakir
In the worst form of Orwellian logic, Jean Charest's government in Quebec has tabled a bill in parliament banning any form of facial covering when dealing with the Quebec government.
Aug 4, 2009

Gender violence is everyone's responsibility

Maha Zimmo
When using the terminology of 'honour killings,' we must understand that in this specific instance, Islam is used by certain members of a community as an excuse to wage this violence against women.


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