Nov 11, 2016

Leonard Cohen's music stands up even without the words

Karl Nerenberg
On Leonard Cohen's death people are most remembering the poet, lyricist and completely original "singer." That Cohen was also a brilliant composer is something too often overlooked.
Mar 9, 2016

Music: Racism, Power and Privilege 101

Needs No Introduction
A panel discussion with Toronto musicians about racism in music. Recorded November 24, 2015 at Music Gallery.
Feb 1, 2016

Songs to spice up your winter

What's Left Editors
The latest edition of What's Left This Week gives you: songs, trade, Sanders and more.
Nov 11, 2015

Music and grassroots politics in Montreal

Talking Radical Radio
Musician and community organizer Stefan Christoff talks about the connections between music and radical grassroots politics.
Nov 4, 2015
Jeff Gunn

Jeff Gunn

Jeff talks about happiness, creative energy, why he's interested in emotional connections and global imbalance.
Jan 11, 2014

Women in music

The F Word
The F Word highlights new and emerging female musicians, featuring music by Tune Yards, Grimes and Kathleen Edwards.


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