Dec 20, 2009

Obama's plans for Afghanistan

30,000 more troops, a bigger Afghan army, a partnership with Pakistan -- Obama spelled out his plans for Afghanistan to a West Point audience. Conn Hallinan says none of it makes any sense.
Dec 8, 2009

Repeating the Russian disaster

Dave Markland
Robert Fisk writes on some uncanny parallels between the current war and the disastrous Russian war of the 80s.
Dec 2, 2009

Obama's Goldilocks plan for Afghanistan

James Laxer
Following two months of lengthy consultations with his national security advisers in the Situation Room, Barack Obama has come up with his plan to handle the so-called "forgotten" war.
Book Review
Nov 27, 2009

Malalai's story

Malalai Joya and Derrick O'Keefe
In this excerpt from her biography, Malalai Joya describes her life in Afghanistan, the origins of her name and the reluctance she first felt about writing a book.


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