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Apr 1, 2013
Photo: Michael Chu/Flickr

Bill C-57: New and improved oil spills!

Elizabeth May
Harper's public relations and spin team hit Vancouver last week to unveil their super-duper enviro-protection plan for pipelines and tankers.
Sep 28, 2012

No Tankers motion passed by B.C. local governments

Eric Swanson
Yesterday at the Union of B.C. Municipalities meeting in Victoria, B.C.’s local government leaders passed the strongest ever provincial motion opposing the expansion of oil tanker traffic through B.C.

No Pipelines, No Tankers, No Tar Sands!

Aug 27, 2011
Inlet Dr. & Hastings St.
Burnaby , BC
British Columbia CA
Join us on Aug. 27 for a rally of solidarity and visit the site of our own tar sands pipeline. The tar sands can be stopped if they have no where to go.


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