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Jan 18, 2013

Why Obama is not a socialist

The Economist, in its first issues of 2013, ran on its cover a picture of U.S. President Obama wearing a striped shirt and a beret. It was a joke and criticism directed towards his politics.
Aug 8, 2011

The new phase of the financial crisis

Andrew Jackson
We face a new crisis, or at least a stock market correction of major proportions, which may precipitate a new phase of the crisis. How should governments be responding to the panic in the markets?
Aug 8, 2011

S&P pantsed by U.S. Treasury

Erin Weir
I think that Standard and Poor's decision -- alone among the major raters -- to downgrade the U.S. has severely discredited the agency (bad pun intended).
Aug 5, 2011

Obama's birthday and 'real' democracy

Maybe they should have postponed Barack Obama's 50th birthday party until he shows signs of growing up a bit. He first looked callow, like a kid not quite up to it, in his BP oil spill speech.


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