UN Security Council

May 14, 2013

French military presence in Mali to continue

Earlier this year France began a military involvement in the West African nation of Mali. Last month the French parliament voted to extend their involvement.
May 7, 2013

International intervention heats up in Mali

Roger Annis
Mali is undergoing a new colonization looking a lot like what Haiti has endured since 2004. French parliament votes to extend combat mission while UN Security Council readies a policing force.
Apr 19, 2012

The promise and failures of international law

One important impetus for the creation of international law was the two world wars of the 20th century. The United Nations was born with the intention of preventing war and promoting peace.
Apr 16, 2012

Why should Canada care about Rwanda?

Gerry Caplan
Most Canadians now know the answer to the question general Romeo Dallaire once asked thanks, unhappily, to one of history's great man-made tragedies.
Apr 30, 2011
Libya by Nidal Elkhairy, a Palestinian artist living in Amman, Jordan.

Libya violence and Canadian political silence

Stefan Christoff
As Canada enters the final days in 2011 election campaigning, politicians streaking across the country have offered little more than resounding silence on Canada's military role in Libya.


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