Aug 15, 2012

Report back on Gaza: Martha Roberts

In June a delegation of community activists and political organizers went from Vancouver to Gaza. On July 22, the nine delegates held a public meeting in Vancouver to report back on their trip.

Queens of Inappropriate

Aug 12, 2012
The Cameron House
408 Queen St. West
Toronto , ON
43° 38' 54.9528" N, 79° 23' 51.2412" W
Ontario CA
Ridiculous, passionate, adorable, and awkward — Elyse Maltin and Kyra Harris are the Queens of Inappropriate.

Down with Patriarchy, Up With Miniskirts

Jun 22, 2012 to Jun 23, 2012
The Monarch Tavern
12 Clinton St. Off College, one block West of Bathurst
M6J 2N8 Toronto , ON
43° 39' 15.1704" N, 79° 24' 48.6288" W
Ontario CA
That's Women's Work Talent Show and Burlesque Fundraiser
May 29, 2012
Photo: petitefeministe.wordpress.com

Occupy feminism: Start of a fourth wave?

Megan Boler
What challenges will a fourth wave of feminism face? What lessons have been learned? Is a fourth wave of feminism rising from an ocean of unrest?

Cantores Celestes presents 'Ride the Chariot'

Jun 2, 2012 to Jun 3, 2012
St. John's United Church Agincourt, Ontario
2 Nobert Rd North of 410, East of Victoria Park
M1T1C1 Toronto , ON
43° 46' 19.0056" N, 79° 19' 10.8336" W
Ontario CA
Choral Music: Celtic, Gosepl, Classical, Spiritual, Folk


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