Jun 22, 2011

The kids are not all right

Andrew Jackson
As is well known, young people are still bearing the brunt of the recession. The employment rate for youth aged 15-24 last month was well down from before the recession in September 2008.

Youth dialogue workshop: On peace and reconciliation

Jun 25, 2011 to Jun 26, 2011
OISE/UT, rm. 2-212
252 Bloor Street West rm.2212
M5S 1V6 Toronto , ON
43° 40' 3.7416" N, 79° 23' 57.6852" W
Ontario CA
The second in a series of workshops sharing youth perceptions across East Asian communities. This workshop is intended to create a shared vocabulary for cultural exchange
Jun 9, 2011
RebELLEs march

RebELLEs: A revolution within our movement

Sarah.kay Granke and Jodie Layne
Over 350 young feminists from across Canada and Quebec assembled at the University of Winnipeg over the 2011 May long weekend for the second PanCanadian Young Feminist Gathering.
Jun 3, 2011

Drawing lines in warming times

Cameron Fenton
In the year 168 BC, a Roman Senator named Popillius Laenas was sent as an envoy to confront and stop the Macedonian ruler Antiochus IV from his conquest of Egypt.
Apr 24, 2011

How to help the long-term unemployed

Andrew Jackson
The OECD have weighed in on what policy measures are needed to limit the damage of long-term unemployment in the aftermath of the Great Recession.
Apr 22, 2011

Our generation, our future, our demands

Cameron Fenton
We are young people from across Canada, asking you to listen. As the Arctic is melting before our eyes and as small island nations disappear beneath rising sea levels, we see our government failing.


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