Alice Klein

Jun 5, 2014

Voting pro-social in the Ontario election

If we leave behind the win-lose, ideological lens of left and right, we can wake up to the fact that most of us in the NDP and the Liberal party and the Greens are in the sharing and caring camp.
Nov 29, 2012

Rob Ford's left-wing conspiracy theory

Congratulations, fellow left-wingers. Until our Mr. (almost) Ex-Mayor explained differently in that post-ruling press conference, I'd been feeling that our conspiracy was a bit of a bust.
Jun 4, 2012

Lessons from Quebec for the rest of Canada

Dear Quebec re-sisters and brothers: What an awesomely inventive laboratory of political resistance you have built. Thanks for taking the struggle against inequality and austerity to a new level.
Oct 20, 2011

Time is on Occupy movement's side

The fact that the Occupy Wall Street movement has been able to sustain its occupation over time has been the ground on which this global movement has arisen.
Sep 15, 2011

New initiatives in the green energy sector

Two new projects that are coming to light right now give a great glimpse of the outside-the-box approaches that are bridging the green energy industry's needs for breadth, resilience and financing.
Aug 25, 2011

Jack has left us his spirit

"All my very best." That was his sign-off, and that's what Jack Layton gave to the very end. With the last of his life force, he shone a light over this whole country in that sweet, wise letter.


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