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Murray Dobbin is's Senior Contributing Editor. He has been a journalist, broadcaster, author and social activist for 40 years. A board member and researcher with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, he has written five studies for the centre including examinations of charter schools, and "Ten Tax Myths." Murray has been a columnist for the Financial Post and Winnipeg Free Press and contributes guest editorials to the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and other Canadian dailies. He writes a regular "State of the Nation" column for the on-line journal which is published simultaneously on

Murray has written five books, including critical profiles of Preston Manning, Kim Campbell and Paul Martin. His "The Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen" has been described as a citizens' guide to globalization. He has also prepared radio documentaries for the CBC Radio's Ideas series on subjects including taxes, human rights and the right-wing regime in New

A long time social activist Murray has been involved in many movements from the anti-nuclear movement, to the fights against so-called free trade and public private partnerships. He is the founder of Word Warriors, a project which co-ordinates letter-writing to the editorial pages of newspapers across Canada. He is a Senior Advisor to the Rideau Institute on International Affairs.

Jun 4, 2001

Preston Manning's Twisted Genius

Murray Dobbin
The squeaky-voiced fundamentalist founded an incredibly successful party and gave its members the respectability and status they craved. And he did it all with utter ruthlessness, complete control of
May 17, 2001

A Vote For Forgetting

Murray Dobbin
British Columbia's NDP government did make mistakes. But it also did some pretty brave things. Too bad the province's big media worked so hard to wipe all that out. Now a landslide victory for the Li
Aug 28, 2008

Has U.S. crippled NATO?

With the end of the Cold War, many analysts and policy makers imagined that the developed world might actually move away from its irrational attachment to militarization and war.
Aug 12, 2008

Afghanistan transforms Canada

Some government policy decisions are so profound in their impact that they can actually change the nature of the country. Medicare was one such policy decision and so was the signing of the Canada-U.
Jun 30, 2008

Will Canada last?

What will it take persuade Canadians that if they do not act soon to reverse the course of their nation, there will be nothing left to save? I am talking, of course, about so-called "deep integration
Jun 12, 2008

Colin Powell, keep out

Colin Powell, George Bush's former secretary of state and previously the general in charge of the slaughter of Iraqi troops in the first Gulf war, is scheduled to speak in Vancouver on June 12. Possi
May 28, 2008

God's wrath, and the Tories'

With the country well into its third year of minority government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper there has been very little commentary on what may be the most important driver of his policies.
Apr 23, 2008

Americanize me? No thanks

This week in New Orleans Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with George Bush and Mexican President Calderon at the fourth leaders' summit of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). It was mostl
Apr 10, 2008

War is peace

Stephen Harper is returning from last week's NATO meeting with the commitments he says he needed to justify keeping Canadian forces in Kandahar. So Canadians will face having our troops act as combat


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