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Murray Dobbin is's Senior Contributing Editor. He has been a journalist, broadcaster, author and social activist for 40 years. A board member and researcher with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, he has written five studies for the centre including examinations of charter schools, and "Ten Tax Myths." Murray has been a columnist for the Financial Post and Winnipeg Free Press and contributes guest editorials to the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and other Canadian dailies. He writes a regular "State of the Nation" column for the on-line journal which is published simultaneously on

Murray has written five books, including critical profiles of Preston Manning, Kim Campbell and Paul Martin. His "The Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen" has been described as a citizens' guide to globalization. He has also prepared radio documentaries for the CBC Radio's Ideas series on subjects including taxes, human rights and the right-wing regime in New

A long time social activist Murray has been involved in many movements from the anti-nuclear movement, to the fights against so-called free trade and public private partnerships. He is the founder of Word Warriors, a project which co-ordinates letter-writing to the editorial pages of newspapers across Canada. He is a Senior Advisor to the Rideau Institute on International Affairs.

Apr 30, 2007

Last stage of denial: ethanol will save us!

Citizens in industrialized societies, including Canada, will cling to their extravagant lifestyles and massive over-consumption for a while yet, it seems. Global climate change is still seen by most
Mar 14, 2007

In defence of red tape

A couple of stories in recent days have highlighted a trend that has been eroding the public interest and public safety for over a decade — and all in the interests of the corporate bottom line.
Nov 13, 2006

Agreement cuts provincial powers to govern

What if a provincial government signed an agreement forcing it to make most of its regulations identical to those of another province? What if it tied its own hands so that, no matter how much a reg
Oct 21, 2006

Afghanistan: Operation Backfire

While the media in Canada continues to soft-peddle the country's disastrous “mission” in Afghanistan, a cursory examination of the facts reveals that the two men most responsible for this c
Jun 21, 2006

More community promotes less fear mongering

The erosion of community and the growing individualism in Canada over the past 20 years creates conditions that make us more vulnerable to the politics of fear. The stronger the community and the mor
May 9, 2006

The Census? Count me in

There's a tug-of-war going on amongst progressive activists on the question of whether to boycott — or give minimum co-operation to — the Census, due to be completed by May 16. Lockheed
Apr 5, 2006

Let's cheer our defeat

Hurrah! Canada loses! Not very patriotic, you say? Yes, well not everything international happens at the Olympics or the Commonwealth games. There are times when Canadians should cheer when “the
Sep 23, 2005

Terasen sale must be snuffed

No other developed country in the world has squandered control of its energy resources the way Canadian governments — federal and provincial — have done and continue to do. The first major


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