Naomi Klein

Apr 8, 2011

Looking ahead with

Today I joined the newly formed Board of Directors of, coinciding with a range of exciting new changes at the organization.
Jan 28, 2011

Reading the Goldstone Report

The Goldstone Report is a serious, fair-minded and extremely disturbing document -- which is why the Israeli strategy since its publication has been to talk about everything except its substance.
Jan 17, 2011

Black goo in the Gulf of Mexico

I got off the research vessel WeatherBird II mid way through the cruise in Pensacola, Florida. Five days later, an e-mail arrived from chief scientist David Hollander, subject line: "Yuck!"
Jan 14, 2011

After the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

For the scientists aboard the research vessel WeatherBird II, the recasting of the BP Deepwater Horizon spill as a good-news story about a disaster averted has not been easy to watch.
Nov 12, 2010

G20 trials and the war on activism

Naomi Klein
The following speech was made by Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein at the telethon held to raise funds the legal costs of G20 protesters.
Jun 28, 2010

'My city feels like a crime scene'

Criminals are all melting into the night, fleeing the scene. But we're not talking about the kids in black who smashed windows and burned cop cars on Saturday.
Mar 4, 2010

Chile's socialist rebar

A distasteful column in the Wall Street Journal tells readers that thanks largely to Milton Friedman, Chile "endured a tragedy that elsewhere would have been an apocalypse."
Feb 16, 2010

Haiti: A creditor, not a debtor

Our debt to Haiti stems from four main sources: slavery, the US occupation, dictatorship and climate change. These claims are not fantastical, nor are they merely rhetorical.
Dec 4, 2009

Paying our climate debt

Among the smartest and most promising proposals in advance of Copenhagen is "climate debt," the idea that rich countries should pay reparations to poor countries for the climate crisis.
Oct 19, 2009

Obama's harmful international influence

Again and again, U.S. negotiators have chosen not to strengthen international laws and protocols but rather to weaken them, often leading other rich countries in a race to the bottom.
Oct 7, 2009

Obama should go back to Copenhagen

When Obama visited Copenhagen to support Chicago's Olympic bid, he showed the world that he is willing to schlep to Scandinavia for an event he considers important. Will he do it again on December 7?
Sep 28, 2009

Michael Moore: America's teacher

On September 17, in the midst of the publicity blitz for his cinematic takedown of the capitalist order, Michael Moore talked with Naomi Klein about the film, and the roots of our economic crisis.


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