Parker Barss Donham

Sep 16, 2001

Finding Security in an Age of Terror

With careful thought, additional steps can be found to eliminate the danger of terrorists reprising Tuesday's attacks. The important thing is to concentrate on concrete steps directly focused on the
Sep 9, 2001

Questionable Tactics

The average Nova Scotian has no deeper appreciation of the delicate balancing act required for successful collective bargaining than their Premier has. This summer, affection for nurses and other hea
Sep 5, 2001

Racism, at Home and Abroad

Matthew Coon Come's comments at the UN conference on racism, though provocatively phrased, were accurate. Canadian natives have been assigned to tiny reserves that constitute a minute fraction of the
Sep 2, 2001

Premier Sabotages Labour Inquiry

Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm and his government have embarked on a series of decisions and announcements that seem almost calculated to send an inquiry into the state of industrial relations in Nova
Aug 29, 2001

Spinning the Economic Story

Lars Osberg, a distinguished emeritus professor of economics at Dalhousie, recently compared his relationship to the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies as that of a geographer to the Flat Earth So
Aug 26, 2001

Hold the Phone

If Nova Scotia governments of the last century had followed one phone company's logic in providing electrical service, vast stretches of the province might still be without power.
Aug 22, 2001

Detritus of Demise

At the defunct Sydney Steel plant, the accident-free record at the steelmaking shop - where the multi-million-dollar electric arc furnace lies cold and still - is obscured by a plastic poster taped o
Aug 12, 2001

Tilting at Green Windmills

A company wants to build wind turbines in Nova Scotia. Many critics of the plan consider themselves to be strong supporters of green power. Yet the rising controversy over the location of the turbine


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