Parker Barss Donham

Jul 29, 2001

How Much Arsenic is Too Much?

Cheerful dismissal of dismal data is something of a pattern with the Nova Scotia Department of Health, whose officials sometimes sound like Reverso World versions of the little boy who cried wolf. Th
Jul 25, 2001

Consenting Adults Love Their Sundays

Not being able to shop on Sunday is a damned nuisance. The restriction is, as the government's senior advisors pointed out, an artefact of antique notions about the government's role in promoting rel
Jul 18, 2001

A Beautiful Threat?

We're not really talking about a tree or a bunch of trees vs. a dead motorist. We're talking about a theoretical incremental increase in the chance of an accident based on marginal conformity or nonc
Jul 15, 2001

Maybe Seals Caused the Arsenic

At this point, the popular notion that the coke ovens and the tar ponds are affecting public health in Cape Breton is nothing more than a theory. Documents obtained under the Access to Inanity Act sh
Jul 11, 2001

Gambling with Integrity

Tuesday, a court in Nova Scotia decided in favour of Ralph Fiske's wrongful dismissal suite. This is a case where a lone civil servant proved that courage and integrity can overcome the mediocrity th
Jul 8, 2001

Under-Taxed Nova Scotia

The furor over Bill 68 raises basic questions about government priorities. The strong public support that nurses enjoyed throughout the crisis confirms the high value Nova Scotians place on stable, g
Jul 4, 2001

Nursing a Disaster

Unlike a legal strike, with a negotiated protocol for maintaining emergency services, mass resignations of Nova Scotia's health-care workers will be more militant, more disruptive, and harder to cont
Jul 1, 2001

Suddenly NSP Misses DEVCO

The value of having a local coal supplier seems to have dawned on the monopoly utility suddenly and belatedly - a reality they couldn't seem to see when they were driving Devco to the wall.


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