Rachel Giese

Jun 20, 2003

Out of the Koran

Rachel Giese
For most queer Muslims, being open within their communities has been an enormous challenge. Not only do they fear rejection from their families, but from their broader communities as well. Toronto&#1
Sep 4, 2002

Sugar and Spice

As immortalized in the Winona Ryder movie <I>Heathers,</I> there&#146;s a cruel Machiavellian world of girls out there. Cheap entertainment, yes. But is that all our culture is prepared to say about
Aug 23, 2002

Laughing Ourselves to Tears

In the dog days of August, in what is traditionally called the silly season in the news world, everyone wants to take it easy. And if it weren&#146;t for Iraq, Waco, and Canadian federal politics &#1
Jul 30, 2002

When Governments Fail The People

What's cooking? Potluck! The government's plans of getting to the root of the structural problems that led to the recent slew of publicized corporate infamies, while chastising the corporate sector f
Jun 25, 2002

Religion Can't Trump Rights of Others

Canada's a big country, with lots of room for a diversity in religious beliefs, ideas, opinions, and ways of living. Still, there are limits on the religious freedoms protected by the Charter and the
Jun 13, 2002

Few Scraps for Poor at Food Summit

If you're wondering why hundreds of millions of people are starving around the world, the United Nations food summit held earlier this week in Rome provides some explanations: Indifference. Mismanage
Jun 6, 2002

Outrage at Squalid Saga Rings Hollow

Ahh if only. If only the scandal hunt and the Liberal power struggle were actually about more than scoring political points, and if only there was a glimmer of hope that all this outrage might lead t
May 31, 2002

Flawed Logic Obscures Message on Having Kids

The Trouble With Sylvia. Hewlett's book and her media bandwagon have reduced women to their most basic biological function and subjected their lives and choices to the most sweeping judgments and pre
May 27, 2002

A Basket of Goodies for White House Bashers

Ahh Spring. Bringing in fresh cover-ups, obvious double-talk and transparent damage-control, from America's presidential and corporate backrooms, to you. Get out the anti-histamines, the hay fever is
May 17, 2002

Beware Those Who Preach Sermon of Tax Cuts

Contrary to that old line about tax cuts, the average Jane does not know how to spend her money better than the government does. If that were so, we wouldn't be a consumption-obsessed culture that's
May 9, 2002

Don't Ban Books, Improve Teaching

Like the Crosby, Stills and Nash song says: teach your children well. But forbidding the teaching of certain books, or shying away from difficult and painful discussions is not the solution.
Apr 26, 2002

Referendum Cloud Hangs Over West Coast

Beautiful British Columbia just lost some of its shine. Liberal Gordon Campbell's mail-in ballot referendum on treaty negotiations continues to taint the provinces good looks with his gang's ugly pos
Apr 19, 2002

Are We Playing God with Kids?

How is the desire of Sharon Duchesneau and Candace McCullough - the deaf couple who used a deaf sperm donor to increase the odds of having a deaf child - any different from all would-be parents with
Mar 28, 2002

School Board Petty, Intolerant

Mike Hall wants what any normal teenager would want in highschool, to bring his partner to the prom. The problem? His partner is a man and the Catholic school board has refused to allow him to do so.
Mar 22, 2002

The Mystery and Wonder of Altruism

The mystery of altruism: Why do some people act unselfishly and put themselves in great danger to help others who are often strangers to them? Are they more courageous, or do they have a greater cons
Mar 14, 2002

Why One Israeli Won't Serve in Army

In September, sixty-two draft-age students from Israel signed a letter to Sharon protesting government policy and stating their refusal to serve in the army. "We strongly resist Israel's pounding of
Mar 7, 2002

Canadians Keep Tabs on Mugabe Excesses

Because of the ever increasing threat of violence in the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe, Oxfam Canada and Amnesty International Canada have created a program where Canadian MPs are paired up with Zim
Feb 28, 2002

Flaherty Scary but Eves Dangerous

This might sound a little crazy, but I love Jim Flaherty. I love him for speaking his mind and I love him for sticking to his ill-advised principles. Every time he opens his mouth I feel a thrill of
Feb 21, 2002

Bush Is Infuriating the Rest of the World

In the war against terrorism, what do you do when your friends and supporters say, "Enough is enough, this is no longer the appropriate approach to terrorism"? Do you listen to their counsel? Do you
Feb 14, 2002

Tokenism Doesn't Equal Progress for Women

Twenty-nine years after the landmark decision in Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, women's reproductive choice in the United States is again under attack with the recent announcement of a change to the
Feb 7, 2002

Fact and Myth About Prisoners of War

Amnesty International Canada believes anyone who commits criminal acts or violates human rights should face justice, and that this stance in no way no way excuses or belittles America what happened o
Jan 24, 2002

Vancouver Feminists and Gender Politics

After her six-year battle with the feminists at the Vancouver Rape Crisis and Women's Shelter, Kimberley Nixon has won the right to volunteer there. Nixon, a transsexual woman who had gender reassign


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